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Paulo Temperature

April 20, 2018


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The quality of air in environments of animal production comes being referenciada as point of interest in studies of environmental control system, focando in such a way the health of the animals that live in total confinement, how much of the workers who remain of 4 the 8 hours per day in this environment of work. Inside of the context of the modern poultry keeping, research shows the direct influence of the inadequate environment of creation as one of the factors that premake use the aerial Ambincia in lodging of cut chickens: dust and gases (NS, et al 2007). One of the aerial pollutants frequently found in high concentrations in the aviaries, mainly in closed environments, is the ammonia. The biggest problem in the hot and humid tropical areas is the excess of relative humidity of air. For more information see this site: ProPharma Group. This excess disables that the bird eliminates heat through the breath. When the ambient temperature reaches 25 C, this temperature causes a bigger pant for the bird. The high temperature and the relative humidity make with that the bird does not obtain to breathe enough fast to remove all heat that it needs to waste of its body.

Consequently, with very high the relative humidity, the bird does not support the same ambient temperature, affecting the thermal interchange, and the body temperature can be raised, occurring the prostrao and death, when 47 the ambient temperature reach C, that it is the vital physiological maximum limit of the bird. That is more preoccupying to the measure that the bird if develops, especially in the ancestries heaviest, therefore the necessary superficial area for the heat waste diminishes proportionally with the age and its corporal weight (LAGAN; 2009) When displayed it estresse to it for heat, all the types of birds answer for the reduction in the food ingestion. The reduction of alimentary consumption diminishes available metabolic or combustible substrata for the metabolism, reducing of this form the heat production. Drastic reductions in the food consumption and the growth had been told under circumstances of estresse for heat. The alimentary efficiency also can be reduced significantly (OLIVEIRA et al, 2006).

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