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Brazilian Assistance

December 27, 2022


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Without them we would not live in society and we would not have civilization. All the people, of the children to the aged ones, with deficiency or not, possess some necessity and demand integral attention of the State. The Federal Constitution of 1988 pointed out the social assistance to the side of the health and the social welfare, as integrant politics of the Brazilian system of social security. Continue to learn more with: Gallo Family Vineyards. In 7 of December of 1993, is promulgated Law 8,742 Organic Law of the Social Assistance the LOAS, since then the social assistance was commanded politics publishes warranting of rights of the citizenship.

In 2005 with the implantation of ITS Only System of Social Assistance in all domestic territory, is accomplished in the practical a social assistance as politics publishes of State, thus accomplishing the rupture with the clientelismo and the politics of favor and occasion. ITS establishes one new federative pact between Union, States, Federal District and Cities, guaranteeing legal autonomy in regimen of lends institucional contribution modifying the form of financing of the social assistance. With respect to the implementation of ITS, important aspects in what it says respect to the management are pointed as basic: the decentralization, the financing, the social control and the management of the work in the Social Assistance need a bigger attention due its importance for the consolidation of the system. With the implantation of ITS, significant changes are noticed. ITS establishes two levels of social protection: Basic of preventive character? Special when breaking of rights occurs Although to establish two levels, the division is mere figurao, therefore in charge agencies of each one of them interact. The special protection demands specialized centers of attention in services and centers, already the basic protection center of Reference of the Social Assistance has in the CRAS social equipment publishes capable to guarantee the integral attention to the families in one determined territory.

Social Environment

December 24, 2022


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Such action, unhappyly, is hindered, many times, for influence of the society and familiar motivations or impositions, despite well intentioned. This situation is one of the sources for the formation lack, of proper opinion of the people, which propitiates the origin of preconceptions; as well as, of not the development of the reflection, either in the scope of the nature human being, either in the scope spiritual. A bigger personal understanding is only become fullfilled, when the individual looks agreement in what it does not know, or of which, it does not have certainty. For this, it must be free to look the instruments necessary to reflect on the subjects, that daily, appear in the way where it lives. These instruments they pass since the study in books, as in the colloquy with specialized professionals of different areas of the human knowledge. However, many times, such initiatives immediately are suffocated, for the errneas conceptions of the social environment, through the ridicularizao and sarcastic mood, mainly, as for the sexual option or in the consumerism, as preponderant factor of happiness.

The roll of preconceived behaviors can, of course, be extended, also in the familiar environment: either in the mental construction, for the responsible ones, of professional careers for the children, either in the formation of an instituted or consecrated model of life as good and indispensable. The reasoning with the comment of the psychological questions and necessities that involve the nature human being must be reflection object, therefore all the individuals, in rule, look for to take care of the same areas of growth, are they: staff, social, professional, affective, among others. Thus, the individual arrives at the understanding of that the people are very similar, being that this conclusion serves as resulted to restrict preconceptions. Moreover, the understanding of on subjects the questions spirituals, in a similar way, walks in the direction of that the human beings are workmanship and image of an only creative being; circumstance such ahead, would prevent negative positionings against what it is different, since everything would have the same origin, and with this, the preconception, either which the origin would be scarce of argument, being that the aggression to the other would be, in thesis, a violence, itself exactly or against its creative fellow creature. Therefore, the preconceptions appear or are servant, no longer to transcorrer of the development of the person, as much in the family, how much in the society. The familiar imposition and the natural inexperincia of the person, also, stimulate the sprouting of preconceived questions, that are harmful for the individual growth. The lack of analysis of the proper nature human being and the search for conceptions spirituals hinders one better understanding of itself exactly, what it favors the ignorance. In this manner, the human being will only find the agreement beneficial if to add experiences and studies that if find around of the proper person, or for not intentional and involuntary events that provoke change in its point of view.

Sigmund Freud

November 21, 2021


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Innumerable philosophers, psychologists, anthropologists, sociologists and other professionals whose activities if concentrate, primordially, in the human being, are this living in society or considering each individual to per itself, have searched explanations for one of the biggest enigmas that hang on the nature human being, since the primrdios of its existence: the feeling of lack and the necessity of completude. Father of the psychoanalysis, the notable psychiatrist Sigmund Freud insisted and formulated robust arguments in the direction to question any possible common essence to all the men and defended that none of them is endowed with any instinct. In fact, he has been difficult to think about some behavior, attitude or feeling that can be found in all homo sapiens. However, he can have something that goes of meeting to such premise. Here, Steven Holl expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Challenge the reader to cite me one only known who is total unprovided of the necessity to feel beloved, important, really excellent for somebody or for some purpose. In its more beautiful work, ' ' As to make friends and to influence pessoas' ' , Dale Carnegie launches hand of a series of principles that, according to it, would help those followed who them to have a more harmonious convivncia with the people surround who them. When undertaking itself one withheld analysis of such principles of action, they are possible to perceive in all it importance that is given to the other, the priority of the other people’s will as form of if reaching the heart and conquering the interest and the affection of that they are our return. Many search the affection and the attention of which they lack using itself ways that have twenty years was not the conventional ways to get them. One is about the innumerable social nets of virtual relationship. All the companies of mobile telephony in Brazil offer to some related services the chats and chats, in which some people, without no type of exculpatory etrio, social or cultural, pass hours in search of that, of the other side of the line and without nor the least to see them, can offer something to them that the cruel world them fticas realities insists on denying.