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Striepe Food

March 15, 2023


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How is it going! We have learned amazing things about our behavior and how this relates to our food you can have this something relevant with the follow-up to our diet, the current state of our body weight and the way in which we eat? Of course. Central Romana has firm opinions on the matter. And this is so important that it impacts directly on the way in which we look at in the mirror! When you look at in the mirror, you think? Que miras front of you? Do you look with pleasure or displeasure? I must say that, according to studies of Heatherton, Striepe and Wittenberg (1998) when that picture you see and feel when you look in the mirror will help you maintain, truncate or simply abandon a dietary regime, since they present difficulties of self-regulation in food. It’s that important. An explosive mix is precisely, anxiety and low self-esteem that will generate you one on intake. Becoming a vicious circle.

Beyond this, to decrease anxiety, you look food and it will be one that cause you pleasure. As we explain this. The escape you are looking for your mind to distract you from the anxiety and negative self-esteem, you will momentarily take to eat, forgetting these emotions. If your self-esteem is not at its best, no matter what type of food is neither flavor that this has, you’ll still eat the same amount and even more, if these anxious. But remember, that this food does not improve your self-esteem, to the contrary. There are studies that indicate that when you are under these negative emotions related to self image or self esteem you looked outputs to the anxiety through the breaking of the diet. However, as a defense mechanism, and to take control again you reiniciaras the same diet or another appearing along the way. Do you you think? We can that we have learned take advantage of these concepts? Or we’ll leave them once more, forgotten of our mind. I recommend you to read the previous articles (one and two) and visit my page for more information. Original author and source of the article.


December 28, 2022


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Murcia 14 of January 2009.-According to data from the Master-D group leader training company opened in Spain, the percentage of Murcia interested in courses to prepare for oppositions has increased 15 percent in the last year. Of these, 58% are women and 42% of men, and of the total, 20% has one 2% less than the national average – University studies, mostly aged between 25 and 30 years. We believe that this increase is mainly due to the economic situation being experienced by the country since the population seeks more than ever security in employment and labour comfort says Raul Gonzalez Tristan, responsible for the teaching team of the company. In fact, 90% of persons who are preparing exams with us or are interested in courses, not currently works. The most popular preparation in 2008 and whose demand is expected to continue to grow this year is to work as keepers (29%), firefighters (32%), Nursing Assistant (56%) and both local police (26%) and national (44%).

Similarly, it is falling interest in courses such as library, personnel services and educational psychology. This interested Murcia 15% growth during 2008 to prepare oppositions with Master-D, despite being significant is 5% less than we have recorded national average. For 2009 it all depends on how the economic situation evolves, but if the economy and unemployment figures continue as before, we expect around another 20% more requests for information to prepare for oppositions than in previous years,”concludes Raul Gonzalez..

Director Don Archer

December 27, 2022


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New York MOCA Museum of computer art gives multiple award German artist Dominique Brunzlik early Monday morning came by mail to the good news from New York, that in the current and international open competition “Contest of the Month July 2011” for the first time a total of three awards from the MOCA / New York (with constant before place exhibition in Brooklyn) on a single artist was awarded (“this has never happened before”). Three images of the Munich artist Dominique Brunzlik (art project “Paradiso figural”) were multimedia from the Museum of computer art multiple award – once with the first prize for the in May 2011 resulting image “Touching” (first prize for “Touching”) and with each an “honorable mention” for a “Dictator” (multi media fine art print on ALU-Dibond, created in March 2011) and “Red Light Bird” (multimedia work from November 2010 with laser light painting, Photography, digital collage and image processing). Online, all pictures will be presented until end of 2011 by the MOCA: MOCA.virtual.Museum/contestjul11/winners.htm the MOCA Museum of computer art is a publicly-funded non-profit institution and member of the University of New York. founded in 1993 by the two artists Don Archer and Bob Dodsen, MOCA Museum of computer art sees its main task in the promotion of digital art in all its forms and manifestations. Many talented artists, – known as well as lesser-known – already been made accessible with your works thanks to the Museum of computer art of an art-loving public and also art collectors.

in 2002 the MOCA Museum received an award for its high quality of computer art by the MuseDoma. Click Newman Giles for additional related pages. On-site it presented a wide range of digital artists the new in a gallery in Brooklyn since 2008 in permanent exhibitions York audience. In addition, Museum catalogues are published at regular intervals with works from contemporary artists, events and competitions. In addition to the Director Don Archer editor of JD Jarvis and the curators are Kaki Ettinger and Steve Soper for the Museum Act. Dominique Brunzlik a German artist with Czech and Frisian, Indian roots was born in 1973 as the daughter of a photographer in Munich. The childhood between various worlds has influenced her creative personality. Her restless spirit was and is always looking for new experiences and deep insights into life, reflected clearly in the rich diversity of her artistic work.

Since her youth, Dominique Brunzlik deals with various artistic forms of expression, including painting and photography. Under the concept of art created by their early 2010 and project Paradiso figural”your works presents a broader audience internationally and has received several awards. In addition to their own art project participated in the artist of 2010 and 2011 in the international project of the EAGL European artists going live. Currently, plans for art in the public space, as well as before location exhibitions in South Germany, run the 2011 still to be realized. Contact: Paradiso figural Dominique Brunzlik

Le Corbusier

December 24, 2022


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On the contrary Xenakis considered that the rectangular constructions are less strong, natural and too “finished”, as distinct from S-curve structures which symbolize movement, infinity. By the time of the beginning of work on the project of pavilion Philips, I.Xenakis had already at original author’s hypothesis of music realization in space and in the form; what it a new musical formula of creative synthesis. By this time “Metastasis” what written by Xenakis-one of the most well-known orchestral works of the composer, with its notorious glissando of stringed instruments. There is the drawing of the Xenakis, where is pictured a plan of the movements melodic lines in this piece: their approaching, division, consolidation, exhaustion. Evidently, that the score of “Metastasis” look likethe scheme of a metal skeleton of buildings which were projected by Xenakis: Isolation by nature (controllable interaction).

Xenakis went further Corbusier and has suggested to refuse gardens at habitation designing, because this could help to protect the nature from irresponsible people invasion. The composer-architect believed that will be possible to supervise and stop mafic intrusions of people into the nature and planetary space, thanks to creation of the cities-buildings provoking the more compactness of people movements. Thus, the comfort of townsmen to be reached by possibility to breathe fresh air and to admire the nature through transparent walls, without interfering with its life. The flexible material. Light projections: Xenakis denies concrete completely, desiring as much as possible to use a space from the point of view of its economical and convenient layout, illumination, functionality. These are pellicles in space with a width of one hundred or one hundred and fifty meters, VPE and transparent, which would insure ventilation and visibility, light, etc. Designed in 1977 slide top of so represents a skeleton covered with a red elastic material. At creation of the monastery of la Tourette (1953-1960?.) Le Corbusier with help of Xenakis has embodied the idea formulated still 1922?.: “light and a shade show the form”5 having designed internal space of the main part of a monastery as a original black box.