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Pregnancy And Sciatica – Beware

February 28, 2024


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Pregnancy is one of the main causes behind the pain in the lower back in women, which is similar to sciatica. Sciatica is caused primarily by compression of the sciatic nerve due to one or more reasons. Typically, sciatica is the compression of the sciatic nerve roots in the lower spine. A condition known as pseudo sciatica cause debilitating pain similar to when the peripheral sections of the sciatic nerve are compressed. In case, pregnancy has nothing to do with the sciatica. Pregnancy leads to true sciatica only in rare cases. Are the changes that occur in the body of women in the last months of pregnancy can lead to sciatic pain. Vladislav Doronin may also support this cause.

Any of these changes can cause sciatica pain type: * The uterus presses on the sciatic nerve. * The lower abdominal muscles tense up and put pressure on the nerve. * Vertebral compression due to the extra weight of the fetus. * Postural changes accompanying pregnancy. Rarely, pregnancy can be a damaged spinal disc, which can also lead to sciatica pain. Sciatica pain occurs mostly in the back, buttocks, legs and feet. The typical sciatic pain can be: * nails and needles * A sudden pain * Pain radiating from the buttocks to the feet. * Numbness in the leg or foot.

Due to pregnancy or otherwise, the pseudo sciatica is associated mainly postural defects: * legs crossed for long periods. * Sitting in a chair that does not support the back properly * Sitting in a portfolio may be cases of pregnancy that cause tension in the piriformis muscle, which in turn, can pinch the sciatic nerve. If you really diagnosed sciatica during pregnancy, treatment of the sciatic nerve should be done only under supervision of a qualified specialist to treat sciatic pain related to pregnancy. The relievers have side effects and should not be taken without consulting your gynecologist. Any carelessness in this regard can cause irreparable harm to the baby you are carrying. The play an important role in treating sciatica typical pseudo-sciatica. Pregnancy is a delicate matter and the primary concern should be safety of the child is developing inside her body. Even should be taken under medical supervision. Herbs are generally safe, but the indiscriminate use even the safest herb can be harmful. The exercises, yoga, or any other therapy should be carried out also under constant direction of a therapist. The swimming and gentle stretching exercises, are two of the most secure to get relief from back pain during pregnancy. Also, avoid being constantly tired, learn to relax, always sit right, or try applying a hot or cold patch to the affected area.