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Professional Association

May 4, 2020


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Ensuring occupational safety and health protection ensuring occupational safety and health protection the Personaldienstleistungs industry is under constant growth. Not only for the professional image of the personnel services merchant (m/f) it is important to the dangers at the workplace to suggest.Not only internally but also for external staff the subject should represent occupational safety and health protection a foreign word that should you be your employee value.An important instrument is to promote safety and health at work, risk assessment that any employer should perform. There is the Working Environment Act (ArbSchG), which obliges the employer to identify a potential hazard in the workplace, to assess them and take necessary measures. The occupational safety and health law: Law on the implementation of work protection measures for improving the safety and health of workers at work article 2 definitions (1) measures of the Occupational health and safety within the meaning of this law are measures for the prevention of accidents at work and work-related health hazards including measures of humane design work. 3 duties of the employer (1) the employer is obliged to take the necessary measures of occupational safety and health, taking into account the circumstances affecting the safety and health of workers at work.

He has to review the measures on their effectiveness and, if necessary, to adapt to changing circumstances. But he has to seek an improvement of safety and health protection of workers. Risk assessment is one of the most important milestones. Here the “red thread” at risk assessments: prepare: set work areas and activities determine the hazards assessing the hazards set specific health and safety measures perform the action verifying the implementation and effectiveness of the measures. Updating the risk assessment. As employers are you responsible for carrying out the risk assessment in the operation.

Individual tasks can be delegated to reliable and competent people, but need this written form. Risk assessment of write on, is necessary if hazards were not previously recognized or the operating conditions have changed. Let’s practice example from one, if we give z.B painter, should have these safety shoes.The abbreviation for this protective equipment is the “personal protection equipment”. If you give z.B a painter commissioned a renowned painter and the employees without safety shoes show up, it is a very bad characteristic of negative or bad PR. (Just a painter in the regional area have met each other, companies also discuss recruitment agency) Each temporary work company paid ordenltiche contributions to the Professional Association, just the personnel services merchants or the PCD have trainees Way, as of 2012, to take part in the VBG seminars and thus, after a review, to obtain the status of safety officer.