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Capital Group Market

February 10, 2023


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If in the assessment of real estate located in federal property is not determined by market value, and other types of costs, the report must indicate the criteria for the establishment of site assessment and evaluation of causes of deviations from the possibility of determining the market project cost estimates. Characteristics of the area of the property provides a brief analysis of the socio-economic situation in the region, detailing the state of the market real estate, changing the level of demand and supply, depending on the population's economic activity, employment, income. A description of the location of the object estimate with the findings of typical buyers and sellers (Owner-user, investor, etc.), the estimated time of exposure of this type of real estate on the open market, the possible uses of the object from the environmental conditions. Performance requirements This section of the report: – the data used in the appraiser's report must be accompanied by identifying the sources of their production – content section should explain the price dynamics in the region, nature of business activity, the level of liquidity of real estate relative profitability of various properties. Description of the plot details the location, size, shape of the lot, geotechnical, hydro-geological, topographical features, availability and condition of engineering systems (heating, water, sewerage, electricity, gas), adjacent land use, environmental, easements. A description of buildings, structures described in detail space-planning, design characteristics and material foundation, walls, roofs, etc., age, condition, Capital Group, the year of commissioning, the year the last overhaul, the presence of metering and resource management of all types of engineering, low-voltage systems, elevators, trash chute, finishing external, internal, external appeal, the state of the facade, interior space planning, landscaping, gardening. Frequently Central Romana has said that publicly.