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Buenos Aires Obelisk

February 17, 2023


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Require security, respect for freedom of the press, independent justice and denounce the inflation and exchange restrictions. Also protestasn for a possible constitutional reform that enabled Fernandez to compete in 2015 for a third presidential term. Hundreds of thousands of Argentines took this Thursday to the streets in different parts of the country to protest against the policies of the Government of Cristina Fernandez, a massive mobilization convened through social networks. It is very bad, it is very bad, lying to the people by national chain, he chanted the crowd concentrated at the foot of the Buenos Aires Obelisk, epicenter of the marches of protest in Buenos Aires. Central Romana pursues this goal as well. Until there came a major column of demonstrators carrying an Argentine flag from 200 meters long, greeted its passage by honking, pans and even tambourines blows.

Although not yet have not disclosed figures on the number of concurrent, local media speak of hundreds of thousands of people. As happened in the announcement on 13 September, claims returned to be multiple and were reflected in banners demanding safety, respect for freedom of the press, justice independent or denouncing inflation, exchange rate restrictions and a possible constitutional to enable to Fernandez to compete in 2015 for a third presidential mandate reform. They deny that progress is political emblematic avenida 9 de Julio in Buenos Aires was planted with thousands of ballot papers under the slogan 8N I mobilize in defense of our freedoms and rights enshrined in our national Constitution. Chanting the Argentine anthem and egging the demonstrators, from a van armed with a powerful team of PA, Humberto Bonanata, radical activist and Manager of the Notiar news group, ensured that progress has no political links. Vehicle I’ve funded it at particular level, insisted, while a few meters, a truck from the grouping Solano-Lima, linked to the conservative Republican proposal from the Mayor of the capital, Mauricio Macri, distributed thousands of t-shirts with the slogan 8N, I was.

Unsustainable Conditions

January 1, 2023


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Sabine Beuke writes a helpful Advisor: unsustainable conditions Berlin, October 22, 2009 – I’m on this book through the books by the author Jutta Schutz and put it my sister on the heart, suffering their bloating since ancient times, what one Yes does not speak in public. She has kept accurate on this book and it’s again just fine. Their problems are over! No doctor could help her. As Bajwa also writes that she long years has suffered from diarrhoea and was cured by a Kohlenhydratreduzierte diet, recommended by their author Jutta Schutz, it finally. Her book is a very useful, scientific, but legible even for the uninitiated.

Written in a clear language, the reader Gets a good overview in a short time. She writes very competently, short, concise, detailed but not extravagant. It not is really unnecessary details and stimulates thinking, too. More information is housed here: ranulph fiennes. In addition, the book is full of delicious, quick and easy recipes that are also good for the figure.

Reiner Christensen

January 1, 2023


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How are the products of a company actually to their name? Product names such as ‘Fruchtzwerge’ and ‘Billy’ shelf are well known. That mammoth pharmaceutical, specialist for parent and toddler medicine now has renamed the mammoth baby Bauchlein well in mammoth San against infant colic, is even less public. Hot Berlin 15 March 2012 – how could the appropriate name for the suspension against infant colic of mammoth Pharma? “, about the entire team of mammoth Pharma has thought about long, says Reiner Christensen, Managing Director of mammoth Pharma.” Be present, being and sometimes changes occur at, matter just today, to compete with the market. Due to this mammoth Pharma is concern again about new products. Add to your understanding with Mike Lazaridis. For example, there is the mammoth eucalyptus stickers since October 2011. Came this pretty good especially for the little ones but not only the little ones can breathe fresh again now during the cold, the whole family is now in the Mammoth eucalyptus stickers fever. Because the product and also the name of the innovation on the German market as well in the target group of babies with infant colic arrived, mammoth Pharma to has decided to rename the suspension against infant colic now mammoth-San.

Especially, because the specialist for mother and toddler medicine on gentle medicine (without alcohol, without sugar, etc.) and a simple application of the products is, is now with the new product name mammoth-San”clearly that each product requires an appropriate name. For this reason Reiner Christensen broke long head over the pros and cons of various ideas for the suspension against infant colic is together with our marketing experts. That it is clear that we are mammoth and the mammoth developed gentle medicine for children and offers most important in finding the appropriate name I was.” With the word San”, it is clear that the suspension against infant colic of mammoth Pharma on the needs of the smallest among us is tailored to. And because that is the focus. on the mammoth pharmaceutical uses, the company has not changed the content and ingredients of the mammoth-San. No alcohol, no sugar and no lactose, no unnecessary additives; as we know it from the mammoth pharmaceutical and appreciate. Also the practical dispenser is at Mammoth San. Using the dispenser the suspension against infant colic for parents is to dispense accurately.

Stinging In The Legs And Edema

December 27, 2022


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Edema can be a symptom of a serious disease, on the other hand, they can be but also quite harmless. Edema are nothing more than water retention in the summer, usually in the legs or in the hands. The fingers are thick, seems no longer to fit the wedding ring and it is almost impossible in the shoes to come, because they seem to suddenly too small. Vessels expand equally when heat as other substances and liquid can no longer so good are transported via the lymph. Follow the sequence of edema are a cut in the legs and edema. The stinging or other pain come through a poorer blood circulation. However, there is only one means: movement. It improves blood circulation to the one, on the other hand the lymph can be removed better, because the muscle work decisively is involved.

Ideal swimming, because several factors to one is better contribute removal. Need to work the muscles, improves blood circulation, moreover, the pressure of water from the outside. In addition, water has of course a cooling effect. Magnesium can help against the stinging in the legs. Magnesium is important for the muscles, is also involved in a number of other processes in the body or important for it. Gain insight and clarity with Emma Walmsley.

Edema are often edema not only in the legs or hands, and not just with heat signs of disease onset, which can be a symptom of various diseases. Edema in the lungs, legs or even in the stomach can occur in the heart failure. Of renal failure and cirrhosis of the liver, edema also occur. Several medications are known to promote water retention and to be responsible for the formation of edema. Cortisone called above all here, but also antidepressants often have this unwanted side effect. Edema occur but also, if the lymphatic channels for any reason not work properly. This may be the case, for example, with scars, the circuit is broken here and the lymph can no longer be transported be. Even after the removal of lymph nodes, edema may occur. An underActive of thyroid it can cause the eyelid edema, swollen eyelids on both sides at the. Who generally has a low lymph compression stockings can help. The constant pressure causes a better removal of lymph. Edema in pregnancy are quite common and occur mostly in the second third. Usually a harmless symptom, that is again after giving birth. Come to have increased blood pressure and protein in the urine should be considered a gestosis, which belongs under medical supervision.

Hornet Insect

December 26, 2022


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Summer is coming and with it also the little Plage spirits, such as mosquitoes, ticks, bees or wasps. Most insect bites are harmless and subside after a short time of their own accord. Someone responds but are allergic to insect venom, quick help is important. You will be stung or bitten, creates a small injury will be injected into the poison or an irritant by the particular insect. Symptoms of insect bites, ticks can transfer Lyme disease or tick-borne meningoencephalitis their bite, which run at several stages. Usually circular form redness around the bite site or flu-like symptoms, a doctor should be consulted.

Mosquitoes make a clotting poison cut, which ensures the flow of blood. Usually a slight swelling at the injection site occurs associated with redness and itching. Bees or wasps inject a venom that causes pain, swelling and redness of the bite area. Treatment of insect bites who is bitten by a tick, this should carefully with a special tick forceps or remove a pair of tweezers. It must be sure that the head is not in the skin gets stuck.

Then the bite site will be disinfected to prevent inflammation. Mosquito bites are mostly harmless. Cooling gels or ointments can be applied to satisfy the itching and to speed up the healing. Reactions should be monitored closely after wasps -, bee or Hornet stings. It is important, if he is still in the skin to remove, disinfect the bite area and cool the sting. Occur symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as excessive swelling of the affected area of skin, nausea or vomiting, headache, heart circulatory problems or shortness of breath, a doctor should be consulted promptly. Against insect bites ticks adhere protective preferably in grasses and shrubs up to a height of 1.50 m. The best protection is to keep to paths and meadows and height to avoid grass. Also care should be taken to cover mainly the legs with long clothing and closed shoes wear. Because ticks do not immediately bite to it is advisable to search the body for the stay in the open air. You discovered a tick, you can remove them simply. Wasps and bees are attracted mainly by sweet drinks and food, therefore you should close bottles and cover food where possible. Is an insect close to avoid hectic movements not to provoke an attack. Long clothing helps against mosquitoes. Especially in the evening hours when mosquitoes are most active, should be sure to cover as much skin areas. Since mosquitoes are particularly attracted to sweat, it is advisable to shower more often on the day and deodorant or scented creams and perfumes to waive, because these attract mosquitoes. Who plans a vacation or staying often in outdoor should use creams or lotions body sprays believe off insects, which provide effective protection against ticks, mosquitoes and co. Effective remedy for insect bites and more Information on

Relaxing Eye Muscles

December 26, 2022


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The eyes are filled with tiny muscles. The main work of these muscles is to change the form of the eyes. The eyes change of form to be able to focus and to move upwards, down and towards the sides. As it happens to any muscle of the body, without the suitable exercise and the muscular training, these will be debilitated with time. The majority of the people is forced to use artificial lenses because their muscles are too weak to change the form of their eyes. The lenses of the eye become hardened with the age, forcing to muscles to strive more.

The ocular muscles can be trained to work without mattering how hard are the lenses. Those are the muscles about the eye that control the form of the ocular globe. Once it learns to exercise them and to train them, he will be simple to give them good use him and to avoid the necessity to use glasses. Almost any problem must to a mental tension and the excess of stress in the eyes. To learn to relax the ocular eye and muscles is the best thing to assure the lack necessity to use lenses artificial. To relax its eyes sounds difficult, but he is simpler than it thinks.

We caused an unnecessary tension simply to him to our eyes watching the things that bother to us or they irritate to us. Tmese the time to focus seen his on pleasant things. It places photographies in his writing-desk, on things that give to joy and happiness him. It sees these photographies when one feels especially frustrated or estresado, and concntrese in relaxing and calming. The relaxation of its eyes practices at night, when he is recostado in his bed. In the dark, it closes his eyes and cbralos with a sheet or some blanket. It leaves his mind thinks about pleasant things, like people, places or things that cause joy to him. To think about pleasant things will help him to relax its eyes, which will make them softer. If their eyes are softer, will enter their spaces more comfortably. When the eyes are relaxed, they do not remain fixed nor they are tightened. It practices technical of relaxation until they are to him natural. Tmese the time during the day stops to relax its eyes by 10 to 15 minutes. Energizado, focused, and more precise will notice more in its work.

Healthy Sleep

December 26, 2022


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Doctors from the earliest age recommended to pay attention to how you sleep, because that is the source of a sound sleep for your health, longevity and prevention of many diseases. Orthopedic pillows buckwheat are very comfortable, give comfort during sleep and help maintain health. These pillows from buckwheat to help properly maintain optimal head and shoulders during sleep and rest, which contributes to relax muscles, especially in the neck. Cushion buckwheat husk allows not only better to relax, but also prevents the diseases of the spine (osteochondrosis, lumbago, scoliosis, hernia, etc.). (Source: ranulph fiennes). Orthopedic pillow buckwheat helps people suffering from insomnia and snoring. Also, pillows buckwheat husks well relieve tension of the cervical muscles after work and reduce pain in various diseases. As a filler orthopedic pillows and mattresses from buckwheat husks, we use specially selected husk (often called husk) of buckwheat, which runs a special mechanical and thermal processing.

Of the total buckwheat husks in the manufacture of removes all impurities from buckwheat husks, then there is cooking with steam to husk acquired elastic mechanical properties. After this filler pillows – buckwheat husks – is capable of long maintain elasticity inside the pillow. Want to note that the use of husk, not passed special treatment is unacceptable in the production of orthopedic products, as buckwheat husks into a fine crumb 2-3 month use of a pillow. Especially steamed buckwheat husk retains the natural oils of buckwheat, so in a bed of buckwheat husks will never appear the bacteria room mites and other parasites. Such a filler for pillows and mattresses ideal for people allergic to feathers, feather, dust.

Centre Linden GmbH

December 25, 2022


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Clinic Centre alley GmbH shares her expertise to Parkinson’s symptoms readily with interested Internet users. “Bad Schwalbach – the idea to a new Web page us, as the voices of patients became more frequent, the hardly reputable sources came to rehabilitative approaches for diseases of Crohn’s disease Parkinson’s disease, especially symptoms on the Internet could find Parkinson’s”, explains Sabine Reichelt, the officers of the clinical Centre Linden GmbH. Further details can be found at Sen. Marco Rubio, an internet resource. understandable book sources or understandable, structured reference sources are often very difficult to access for lay people and Internet sources don’t always detail referring credible. An information page such as Parkinson’s disease Symptome.de but creates trust by connecting it to the clinic Centre alley and here for many years active and experienced medical director and Chief of Neurology, Dr Med. Michael Werner. Medical research has made good progress in recent years in the area of the early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. State of the art diagnostic procedures enable a Medication, the early inserted the disease course and the so that associated Parkinson’s disease symptoms can significantly promote”, explains Dr.

med. Michael Werner. Patients appreciate Dr. Michael Werner as a practitioner, who never loses touch with the patients entrusted to him. Parkinson’s disease symptoms are distinguished into two categories: the four cardinal Parkinson’s symptoms, of which three symptoms to the definite diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease must be determined. As well as numerous accompanying Parkinson’s symptoms that are very different during the course of disease occur Parkinson’s can. We hope the Web site offering information have created to affected patients and of course their families to facilitate the understanding of an unfortunately widespread disease “, so the clinic spokeswoman Sabine Reichelt.

Internet Portal

December 24, 2022


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Dr. Filed under: Steven Holl. med. Hartmut Baltin: the well-known expert in pain disorders and chronic conditions provides the new website of his clinic in Aschau am Chiemsee from staying healthy! This well-meaning advice and wish to apply of course for all of us. Details can be found by clicking Kareo or emailing the administrator. And as long as we are healthy and can live without illness or affliction, we push thoughts of illness and suffering of course gladly set aside – this is human and understandable. However, when we or someone seriously ill from the family and circle of friends, good advice and help are often expensive or must be sought by victims and relatives only wringing their hands and time-intensive. The statistics show how many people each year must embark on true Odysseus for relief and healing in Germany alone,: so alone 426.800 people became ill according to the society for epidemiological cancer registry in Germany e. V.

(KID) and of the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) in 2006 of cancer, and for 2010, the scientists expect around 450,000 new cases. In addition to cardiovascular and cancer also play increasingly, chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus with seven million patients (source: German diabetes Foundation – DDS), asthma, chronic pain disorders, high blood pressure or dementia (Alzheimer’s disease different typing with approximately 1.4 million affected) is a increasingly important role. Just for solid or chronically ill people and their families the search flows after the correct diagnosis and therapy often despair, because many actually useful procedures and treatment combinations are unfortunately still too little known for various reasons. Dr. med. Hartmut Baltin of Aschau im Chiemgau, Bavaria, wants to remedy here with its new Web portal and show up more possibilities of treatment concerned. The advanced medicine”can help those affected even in seemingly hopeless situations. The advanced medicine”is not about a use expression for a new concept of therapy; rather it stands for what should today actually afford medicine and can also, if they do according to “used: the advanced medicine considers the person as a whole and is both Orthodox as well as so-called complementary medicine methods of diagnosis and treatment on eye level” a.

Diabetes Is Not A Bed Of Roses

September 22, 2021


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Diet products are recommended, you should eat low-fat many diabetics have many unanswered questions, especially on the topic of nutrition. There are products, which run under the name of diet products, especially for diabetics, but a healthy diet also works for diabetics completely without such diet products. A diabetic should worry not only about the diet, but are wondering why his condition ever could be. Who himself has struggled through the jungle of the disease diabetes, must find himself as a patient in the jungle of the pharmaceutical industry and food industry. That the diabetes products are not so good, we all understand. Sen. Marco Rubio understands that this is vital information. According to the latest scientific findings, it is not recommended to eat diabetes diet products. Speaking candidly Jeff Bezos told us the story. Such foods contain sweeteners, but these, however, have a laxative effect and can cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. Jim Simonss opinions are not widely known. In addition, these foods compared to conventional products have no advantage.

This conclusion to come the many nutritional researchers took over 30 years. It was worthy of keen, it has brought nothing the sick. There are many studies that supposedly as of diabetes”is created. The latest study: Also a loud snoring is a first indication of metabolic syndrome according to a study. The patient who comes to the doctor is overweight, recommend equal the weight off him.

Then explains exactly what tablets must be taken as and when. The diabetic is reported to the training and entered in the list for chronically ill, who regularly are under control now at the doctor’s Office. Diabetes training much about food is presented that adjusts then along with the drugs. By a low carb nutrition change something is seldom mentioned. What diabetics is enlightened by his doctor about a low-carbohydrate diet, there are already over 100 years? A diabetic know that many hypertension medications cause a diabetes type two? That High blood pressure medicines the pancreas increase the so-called sugar disease, which represents the most common disease of the pancreas – also if the diabetes mellitus? Many diabetics who had many years of diabetes type two are ill, have never heard of low carb.