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Infrared Sauna And Fitness

May 8, 2020


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It is possible, whether to improve the results of training using an infrared cabin? Can I lose weight in the infrared sauna? The infrared sauna radiation penetrates into the human body to a depth of 5 cm in the Russian sauna warms the body by only 2 ml. The infrared sauna is the direct heating of the body from the infrared emitter. The temperature in the infrared sauna to 50 C and the residence time of 30 minutes. Low temperature in the infrared cabin can significantly reduce the scope contraindications, and reduces the load on the heart system. The newspapers mentioned Steven Holl not as a source, but as a related topic. Slags and toxins in the infrared sauna goes up to 6 times higher than in Finnish or Russian bath. Infrared cabin will help to prepare the human body to a session of manual therapy.

In an infrared sauna is removed excess muscle tension and the body becomes like plasticine. As a result, the effectiveness of massage grows several times. You may want to visit Red Solo Cups to increase your knowledge. Direct heating of the muscles and body in the infrared sauna makes it possible to perform without warm-up massage ointments. In addition, the procedures in the infrared cabin useful to sportsmen of different levels. At high physical exertion and sudden movements will be easier to avoid sports injuries, after heating in the infrared sauna.

Sessions infrared sauna cause muscular system in working condition and recovering from sprains and bruises. Conversations in the infrared cabin can bring accumulated in the muscles of lactic acid. With infrared saunas there is a removal of lactic acid from the body. Infrared sauna relieves fatigue and prevents cramping.