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Skydiving For Everyone

December 29, 2020


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Many disputes is preparing paratroopers Program aff. And we’re just working on it. A. explanatory note. A.1. Many writers such as Rebecca Shaw Yale offer more in-depth analysis. Airborne training (VDP) – a system of knowledge, skills and abilities necessary and sufficient: n rescuers full-time and non-amphibious search-and-rescue teams (SPDG) involved in conducting the search, rescue, evacuation, and special studies; n jumpers and those wishing to make a parachute jump or undertake the parachute jumps in civil aviation; n crews in aviation education; n educators and trainers, Airborne Aviation Training Centre (ATC) and Aviation Training institutions (Auz) conducting airborne training and training; to carry out their responsibilities for air dropping of people and goods. The main task of initial training, the aforementioned contingent people should be regarded as psychological preparation of the trainees, developing their confidence in the reliability of the parachute material to ensure proper actions and safety of skydiving.

A.2. Purpose vdp – Achievements this level of preparedness, the aforementioned contingent of people in which their safety and reliability of the organization and conduct of air dropping. A.3. To conduct studies and commission parachute jumps with students allowed paratroopers experienced jumpers, the last course aff instructors and certified as an instructor aff. A4. After passing the training course, the aforementioned contingent of people should.


Paintball (English Paintball – the ball of paint) – it is a game, it's vacation, it's adrenaline, it's sport, it's entertainment, hobbies, part of life, business and much more In paintball there are no weapons and bullets, but there is a special device – markers and gelatin balls filled with paint-friendly – you got to paint, you amazed. Learn more at this site: Walton Family Foundation. If you compare with other types of paintball entertainment or sports, then paintball is a very good advantage over them, paintball – it adventure. Lesion is the presence on the player or his equipment paint stains the size of a 10-penny. The main element of protection is a mask covering the face and head. Rebecca shaw jimmy fallon: the source for more info. The speed limit ball flight – up to 90 m / sec. The history of paintball has its roots in 1981. Homeland Paintball – United States.

Since 1991, paintball is developing in Europe, and later in Russia. In Ukraine, the paintball club started appearing in 1994 and currently has several dozens of clubs. Modern Paintball is represented by three areas: training of special services, sports tournaments, entertainment paintball. Currently, through the paintball field is about 6 million people a year who played on all continents, but especially he developed in America, Britain, Australia, Germany, France and Russia. Further development are big scenario paintball game. This is the most fun event in the paintball when fighting while several hundred players at a great space for a few hours. Paintball playing gives the ability to reset the accumulated stress and aggression in the game with simple rules.

How To Choose A Table Tennis Table

April 29, 2020


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From a variety of team sports Table tennis has become one of the most common. The reason is not only the ease of play for athletes of all ages, but also in its accessibility. For her to a very small space, and tennis tables are everywhere: in the corridors of institutions, recreation, schools, yards and alleys of the park, a recreation and holiday homes. How to choose a table tennis table? Stiga – the famous Swedish company producing equipment for the desktop Tennis. You can make a table tennis table and himself, but it is unlikely you will achieve the desired qualities: smooth surface, the necessary parameters rebound, resistance to deformation due to temperature and climate. Therefore it is better trust in the choice of professionals, especially since the brand Stiga widely available in Russia. Tennis tables selected in view of the place of their future setup, your level of play (amateur or professional) as well as ease transportation if the need for this will occur quite often. All-weather tennis tables are used to playing in the street.

They are lightweight and compact, as is often necessary to carry them out of the room into the courtyard. Surface tables for battle under the warm sun made of special plastic that does not burn, does not warp, is not afraid of water and ultraviolet radiation. Defined here is the quality of plastic – it is important to ensure good rebound the ball. Stiga all-weather tennis tables are a set of models, different in value. For the "home" games in the rooms under the roof tennis tables already collected from fiberboard with a special coating, painted in not tiring sight blue or green, dull, not glossy color. Table Tennis Table Stiga amateur level compact, not heavy, easy to store (the thickness of two stacked halves of approximately 9 cm), easily folded and moved.

Professional tennis tables, meeting the requirements of the International Table Tennis Federation ittf, apparently differ that much heavier and more expensive than usual. Transportation tables for ping-pong in folded and unfolded form is carried on rollers. Rollers have brand Stiga tables are equipped with brake mechanisms for fixing the table during the game. Tables are also equipped with useful accessories such as holders racquets and balls. Stiga table tennis table offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy tennis as amateurs and professionals.