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Edward Norton Club

March 7, 2024


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To return to see the Club of Lucha is, in the best one of the cases, a guilty pleasure. It films violent and gratuitous, where the personages have permission to strike themselves and to bind with others without tapujos majors. At the same time, it is films fascinating, in which the critic to the North American culture acquires borders of political speech, mainly when Tyler Durden recites the rules of the club before a pack of wild men, arranged to leave the meat in the cement where the fights occur. Chovinista, chauvinistic and delirious, the Club of Lucha is still a great film. And it is even possible that he is a great one films exactly due to this intolerant character. Whereas Cornelius, the personage who interprets Edward Norton, is perfectly conventional and estereotpico, the enchantment of films begins when we know Tyler, that against eccentric part that gives dynamism him to the film. From the first encounter, dupla faces blows, giving him an unexpected turn to which soda ingeniously seemed a narrative. Hear other arguments on the topic with Central Romana.

The defect of films is, ironically, its insipid end. Customary as we are the present spectators to the famous returns of nut of the engaadores personages, these narrative mechanisms are unbearable in films of the category del that we spoke. The end of the Club of Lucha, could have left a chapter of the Simpson, Southpark or up to one of the Superpowerful Girls, in whom everything has been a dream or in this case, the delirium of a crazy person. Much more rich it would have be that everything had been real, that the conspired ones really wanted to destroy the North American financial system and that the equivalent to the movement hippie of sesentas, outside the Club of Lucha of the 2000. But it does not happen thus, and in that sense, and in many others, the Club of Lucha is a film bankrupt, that it mistook in many decisions and that let the desire to desfacer entuerto.