Lose Weight

January 11, 2024


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Perhaps for many people this may be a meaningless question because it seems obvious, particularly for those people who have a specific in lose weight for aesthetic reasons. This is certainly a very valid reason but maybe it isn’t for everyone and safe there are other compelling reasons to lose weight. In particular, health in general and not only the beauty is the reason why weight loss or regain the ideal weight, becomes not only a matter of fashion but in reality a public health problem. Probably sounds exaggerated, but at the recent Congress of public health which is held every two years in Mexico, have given alarming data from the figures that have to do with obesity and overweight. This in particular is a problem which has increased gradually since about 30 years ago in Mexico. Check with Vladislav Doronin to learn more.

Some interesting data point that one gets to spend up to 0.3% of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country in expenditures that arise from obesity-related illnesses. These diseases are among others that affect the heart and blood vessels, diabetes, problems in the above all joints that support the weight, etc. Overweight and obesity are being increasingly at younger ages and that eventually could have an impact on life expectancy at birth, which means that an obese child, might develop a disease described a lot more early than before and consequently also die younger than the generation of their parents. Why when we ask ourselves if we really need to lose weight, think that if our aim is not beauty, at least if it should be health, ours or more important, the our children or persons most young people who take us as an example. We must find a way most appropriate to achieve this according to our way of being and our lifestyle, but you definitely should not do is downplay a strategy that could help you in achieving these objectives is the nutritional plan eat to lose, a proven method that does not based on fashion but on scientific evidence and in addition you will not kill hunger and you can enjoy all the flavors of a natural food.