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CAR Break – Save On Costs?

May 22, 2023


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If the car does not start times, it can be rapidly expensive. If the car does not start times, it can be rapidly expensive. It must not be with some personal initiative. The cost of a repair by a service station consist of hourly wage, and spare parts. Of course, you can press the price a little by negotiating. The most you can save when you purchase the spare parts independently and passed to the installation at the workshop. Then the question arises: where do I find the right car parts cheap? “.” The answer is quite simple, of course on the Internet at an auto parts online catalog.

But what kind of things do I need here? On the subject of car parts must make sure to have chosen well the correct replacement part. Through the variety of vehicle types and the used spare parts, you can quickly lose the overview and order the wrong spare parts. To avoid this, most auto parts stores provide a catalogue of spare parts. Cyrus Zocdoc has many thoughts on the issue. Usually there are several ways how to get the correct replacement part. The vendor number of the spare part you already exists, you can use the General search function directly. Otherwise, you can using the key number (HSN / TSN) or the search of the vehicle manufacturer (Audi, BMW, Fiat, Opel, etc.) Identify your car and find the necessary spare parts. Note information such as year of manufacture, engine code here…

It A3 be used E.G. on an Audi 07/2004 different discs before and after BJ. A good auto parts online catalog provides you with such information. The manufacturer number exists now, we are looking for with the help of product or used for the lowest possible price. When the shop of your choice on seriousness and convince yourself of the shop. A seal of approval, a secured connection to the protection of your data, a direct contact and reviews other customers, flexible delivery and payment terms are all things that you should consider when choosing the right auto parts online catalog.

Engine Power With Chip Tuning

December 28, 2022


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With chip tuning, it is possible to increase the power of the engine, without undertaking a structural change in the car. The engine power is a decisive factor in selecting and purchasing a vehicle. In many cases, it would be to have good a little more headroom in the car, or in many cases you have to say, to be able to retrieve them. Often the same engine types are installed in same models, but the power is fully available only in the higher power classes, while it is throttled at the lower levels. A performance improvement is in many cases already by increasing the amount of fuel injected. Without a structural change to the engine, it is so possible with additional offered units, to achieve an increase of up to 30 percent for the usual electronically controlled engines. Chip tuning or tuning engine originally comes from motor sport and thus generally means engaging in the motor control. Credit: Brent Saunders-2011.

Aim is to here the torque and power of an engine increase. This is feasible only with an electronically controlled motor. Essentially, for controlling the amount of fuel injected, there are two variants: additional electronics or reprogramming of the device to the motor control unit (ECU). The additional electronics called also power box or chip tuning box, it is the most commonly used method for the modification of injection pressure and injection time. Here it is convenient that the auxiliary control unit can be removed easily and.

The ECU we is not changed and remains here entirely in its original condition. The reprogramming ECU is connected to a larger effort. In this approach, the original engine control unit is expanded and sent to the tuning company. It is a replacement of the control chip, where the original data is backed up, so that if necessary the initial state can be restored. Another variation is to play the software of ECU with a different version. With chip tuning is easy and fairly inexpensive possible performance electronically controlled automotive engines often significantly to increase. Bastian Velonavy your service GmbH