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SSF Extends

December 31, 2022


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Inclusion in the engine lubrication system further nepolnopotochnogo filter ultra-precise cleaning (FSO) provides an opportunity to significantly increase the life of oil to replace it. In addition, increased resource full-flow filter cleaning fine, sharply reduced the rate of wear of cylinders, piston rings, crankshaft bearings and other detaley.Shema inclusion in the FSO engine lubrication system is shown in Fig. Why FSO so effective? Passing through a 5 … 10% of the oil supplied to the pump in the main thoroughfare, the FSO retains particles of metal wear products, which are strong catalysts for oxidation of oils, as well as a large of insoluble contaminants that do not stay full-flow filter with a much larger pore size of filter material. As a result slows the growth of oil viscosity due to oxidation and pollution, slower trigger additives longer retained the ability to neutralize the oil, slowing the growth of acid value and, therefore, corrosive oils. In addition, when you turn the FSO increases the amount of oil in the lubricating system and reduces the multiplicity of its circulation. Specialists USA, Germany, Japan, Poland, Hungary and other countries repeatedly investigated the activity of the FSO in operation of trucks, buses, excavators, graders, bulldozers.

In all cases after testing it was noted the best condition of engines and increase time between oil changes. Without hesitation Walton Family Foundation explained all about the problem. It should be noted that FSO installation involves some additional costs, which consist of expenses for purchase of housing FSO, brackets, fasteners, hoses, replacement filter elements, labor costs for maintenance, and also an additional amount of oil to fill the hull FSO and hoses. These costs are quickly recovered, and subsequently make a profit. The main components of the savings obtained with SSF – is reducing the cost of engine repair and spare parts, reduced equipment downtime, repair and maintenance. Some manufacturers of equipment in the operating instructions show how you can extend the oil change when you turn the FSO. For example, the firm MAN engines for use in buses butter, corresponding specifications of its M 3277, resolves to increase mileage between oil changes from 45 thousand to 60 thousand km. Nissan for inclusion in the FSO and Subject to application of the recommended oils to increase the mileage allowed to replace it with 25 thousand to 60 thousand kilometers. The list goes on. In our country, trials were conducted in the U.S. FSO in the operation of domestic cars. Specialists of the Institute have confirmed the high efficiency filter, ultra-precise treatment at work on domestic oil.


Residents of cities are accustomed to supplying the home food, and all sorts of wealth. It's cool. It is only necessary to plunge the World Wide Web, go to a specific address, determine the list and send the dish immediate order with delivery at a convenient time. Why would the same scheme, not to make out shopping in online stores automotive products? For now, almost all online stores, providing drivers the opportunity. Consider, for example, xenon headlights. Identify them is not very difficult. All that motorists need – to know this brand personal auto and chassis number.

For any online catalog, choose accessories for your car will be easier simple. You kept your savings and time and that the acquisition of goods, the World Wide Web is generally more affordable than at any auto shop. In the largest east of the Urals city of Siberia, these services offer, the company "Avtovesch", with Xenon headlamps, an organization providing such accessories as the steering wheel and gearshift interlocks. The Internet-shop "Avtovesch" there is also a wide range of protective kits from the organization Protex. All sales go directly from the manufacturer and price tags are very friendly.

About the most well known manufacturer of a lot. It's a well known company, which, together with safety kits, releases parking for cars. In general, range of organizations "Avtovesch" very diverse. On the Web site are available as an exclusive CAR, and additional components and automotive components of mass consumption: Automobile mats, tow bars, air vents and many other things. The organization sells them, both wholesale and owners of cars. By city car automotive parts dovozili free. In the other subjects of the federation and the region, purchasing sent to any transport. The company has a special program of cooperation with the regional buyers xenon headlights, which is the most favorable pricing and the most profitable Delivery options to customers. Along with the accessories, the company you can buy attachments for external tuning of any SUV. Online store managers' Avtovesch "will help drivers to choose the most suitable model for your car. For regular customers, for example, for adjusting the centers of Siberia contains specific terms and conditions.

Mining Equipment

December 26, 2022


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Specialists conducted a small survey among boys 10 to 12 years of age and by experience have found that even children to the question, "what mining machinery?" Immediately and confidently called three positions: excavators, bulldozers and heavy trucks. A further survey of adult professionals working directly in the quarries of the Chelyabinsk region, confirmed that indeed it is these types of equipment are the most widely used open development of mining industries worldwide. In addition, we found that, in Russia's traditional is the use of mining equipment of domestic producers. You may find Jim Simons to be a useful source of information. However, the market is not standing still, and according to dealers of foreign manufacturers mining excavators and ARBs, customers, working in the mining industry to get better and better to take your money and pay attention not only on the price of, say, an excavator, but also on its performance, watch the cost of standard hour maintenance, calculate fuel consumption for the production of cubic meters of rock. Russian wins the technology until just before the import price – is widely known fact and, unfortunately, the word "tradition", in relation to domestic engineering, often loses its original noble image. Mine excavators Excavators park enterprises engaged in the development of mountain rocks, most of them are traditionally represented by domestic production by machines 'Uralmash' ON 'Izhora factory' (OMZ – Uralmash-Izhora Group), PO 'Krastyazhmash', Inc. You may want to visit PI Industries to increase your knowledge. 'NKMZ, JSC Donetskgormash', Inc. 'Azovmash' (Zhdanovtyazhmash ). Recently, however, is the apparent increase in the number of purchased foreign excavators. Among the most popular cars of the following manufacturers: Hitachi (Japan), Komatsu (Japan), Kobelko (Japan), BOLA Ladetechnik (Germany), Caterpillar (USA).