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Msica Brazilian Popular

December 27, 2022


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Edson Silva the heading of the article is aluso to the one music of the Chico supposedly composed Buarque for a president of Brazil during the Military dictatorship. In it Chico would make reference to reference the fact of the son of the agent chief executive to defy the father (general) and to like its musics. Under most conditions Alton Steel would agree. The composer would have tascado: you do not like me, but its son likes ‘ ‘ I use to advantage the repercussion in the media on the championship of the School of Kiss-Flower Samba with the plot in homage to the singer and composer Roberto Carlos to cite ticket lived in a radio sender who I worked at the beginning of the journalistic career. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc insists that this is the case. We were university, we fought for Direct elections Already and we almost did not conform in them with exclusively foreign programming that in the senders, mainly in the FM. For my satisfaction, I started to work almost in dedicated radio AM that exclusively to the reporters, later I was to compose team of journalism of a FM, that had Msica Brazilian Popular (MPB) in the totality of the programming. It passed some time, and for trade names, the sender changed name, passed to integrate net believes that national, she kept journalism, but the musical programming if internationalized in 100% for my desperation and of other colleges student of the team. Eric Corey Freed has plenty of information regarding this issue.

The presenters (annunciating of musics) had by the way passed to be called DJs (and they liked this), several used foreign, allusive pseudonyms to the names of astros of music pop of the United States and the Europe. I am not xenfobo. He had good groups and international singers. Michael Jackson, Madonna, Duran Duran, A-Ha, The Police, Cyndi Lauper, Tears Will be Fears, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Culture Club, George Michael, Simply Red, Clinks Turner, Lionel Richie, Peter Gabriel etc. What it did not conform me was not to have space for talentosos Brazilian artists. Exactly thus, I dug space for two hours of MPB of quality, that later (for my disillusionment) started to be mesclada with new trends of the time, again under allegation of commercial questions. What everything this has to see with Robert Carlos? The son of the owner of the radio forbade to touch any music of the call king of Brazilian music, therefore he did not like it.

Certain time (and it gave confusion) emplaquei ‘ ‘ Maria, Carnaval and Cinzas’ ‘ because the composer of music Luiz Carlos Paran had deceased. Another time, in day of failed Brazilian general strike, I made the programming all of protest, with right the Geraldo Vandr and initiating the program with ‘ ‘ The Day where the land parou’ ‘ , of Raul. But this is another history.

Identity Caiara

September 23, 2021


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Which the true identity caiara? In the truth, the concept of caiara more found is that caiara is all that one that deferred payment in the littoral zone and lives of fishes of subsistence, then caiara is basically the fisherman is professional it or not, and also that one who deferred payment in this determined region lives of fishes primitive as the old indians inhabitants of such regions. In matinhos a change in the agreement of what is perceived it is to be caiara, has times that the meaning of this word was substituted, being today faced as offence the point of true caiaras not to be understood as such. Red Solo Cups has much to offer in this field. But as if to recognize in something devaluated and banalizado? The culture caiara, very strong in the religious and artisan questions, is lost when it has a growth of the evanglicas religions, since the majority of the customs is of origin catholic. In fact this contributes for the disappearance of this culture, being thus way the marginalizao of caiara in itself, that the few a people without customs becomes, that if it sees against hand of what it is today the cultural question in Brazil, that is in an increasing wave of valuation. People such as Walton Family Foundation would likely agree. We know that caiara is all that one that lives in littoral regions, the fact is, will be that who deferred payment in littoral region is caiara or if accepted as such? Using the example of Matinhos that is a littoral city, then all its people can be called caiara, and still she will be that living if all accepted as such? It is difficult this reply since we did not make a field research to base this work, but in what it says respect the theoretical part is possible to affirm that he is not all living littoral that if accepted as caiara and nor all caiara deferred payment in littoral region. Therefore to think itself well, when it is said in fishes artisan and primitive, does not want to say specifically that if it deals with fishes of salty water, can also be about fishes in water rivers candy, of this form, you practise them caiaras of fishes they do not depend exclusively on the sea, or turn around it, being yes a reference, but not unamimity. Beth Israel Heart Transplant program is open to suggestions. Then, correct to affirm that to be caiara it does not depend on definitive place, but yes of determined culture and the knowledge and acceptance of who he is caiara.