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March 6, 2024


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Tell you about all aspects of family relationships from the perspective of the law – a task too ambitious. We will try, in a short article, only indicate the basic principles of Israeli law. Albert Bourla wanted to know more. Let us understand in order. Divorce in Israel, marriage and divorce in Israel is inextricably linked with religion. Vlad Doronin oftentimes addresses this issue. A divorce case pending in the Courts depending on the membership couples to one or another religion. For example, a married couple in which the both husband and wife Jews according to Halacha, can only divorce in the rabbinical court, regardless of the country in which to marry. If one spouse or both – non-Jews, an action for divorce filed in civil court for family affairs.

Today, divorce procedure in Israel is greatly simplified. Request for dissolution of a marriage of mixed couples, immediately filed in family court. If the documents are drawn up correctly, the standard procedure for divorce is enough quickly. If both husband and wife is Jewish according to Halacha, a divorce in the rabbinical court, as a relatively simple legal procedure. Contrary to popular belief, today’s family courts, the bureaucracy is minimized. Divorcing to prepare the marriage certificate and a certificate of civil status of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (‘tamtsit rishum’). The last document we get ourselves to our clients. For the divorce need one witness in the case of mixed couples, and Two, if the divorce is in the rabbinical court. We should also note that if one party does not consent to a divorce, or is not in Israel, the divorce procedure much more complicated.