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Cavalli Watches

July 1, 2023


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The world of jewellery and watches Roberto Cavalli company La Cadena demand for jewelry is after establishing 2008 successfully start to the year 2009. After a good start of sales of fancy designer jewelry and fine watches of the brand Just Cavalli and Roberto Cavalli, La Cadena 2009 was able to increase its revenues by more than 50% in the first quarter. “” “The charismatic creations of jewelry series for women were especially in demand among customers Safari”, Amuleto”and Just Cavalli Zebra”. “” In the category of Just Cavalli Womens watches a head to head race between the models of moon gave it”, Just Snake”and 4Faces”. The first quarter of 2009 was also marked by a significant increase in the demand of just Cavalli men’s watches. “” Especially the model screen “on the sporting and the mens watch ular” on the elegant side.

La Cadena was surprised about the high demand of the high-end models of the Roberto Cavalli watches for men and women. So Roberto Cavalli sold’s Eva Snake”, snake” and the model Coco”award. The question on why this success is due, said Peter Durek, the Managing Director and owner of la Cadena: from the outset it was the endeavor to offer our discerning customers the best product at unbeatable prices coupled with a first class service. Also comply with shortest delivery times, security when purchasing through the certification of trusted shops belong to the strengths of the jewelry online stores, uncomplicated and versatile ordering and payment options, a free shipping nationwide from 80,-order value as well as a well motivated customer hotline without hidden fees, which in detail takes the time to discuss the questions and wishes of the customer”, says the Managing Director Peter Durek next. At this point to thank warmly for its partners for the excellent cooperation, particularly at Morellato & sector GmbH, this success would have been impossible without the. We also carry the top brand original roots Canada, Carucci and Engelhardt since 1854. Wayapay can aid you in your search for knowledge. La Cadena, inh. Peter Darnell

La Martina – The Exclusive Lifestyle Brand

December 2, 2021


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Casual casual wear with a special luxury factor – this is La Martina a brand, sports, luxury and pure lifestyle perfectly combines is La Martina. With the passion for Polo and exclusivity of the founders has created a real world brand Lando Simonette. The designs at La Martina are stylish and casual at the same time. With the heavy dose of elegance the creations always provide a first-class appearance. Both the gentlemen and the ladies can come here fully on their exclusive taste. La Martina comes as mentioned from the elite world of Polo Sport. So the brand has remained true to his style up until today.

Only the assortment has grown a lot. In addition to the high-quality Polo equipment, there are now elegant leisure fashion. Especially the Polo t shirts with the embroidered logo have become real cult. Click Sen. Marco Rubio to learn more. Are generally in addition to the 2 polo players, many embroidery and Zahlenapplikationen the hallmark of La Martina. The casual leisure brand with the special something is also already like worn and appreciated apart from the noble scene also in the Promiwelt.

As befits a real luxury brand, the Argentine label La Martina, much emphasis on design, sets coupled with high quality. So, the jackets, blazers, jackets, shirts, blouses, trousers, shirts and tops made of finest materials are produced. Also, the boots are only made of pure leather. Look for the full La Martina, there is this even a lot of fine accessories. Watches and bags are also in the stylish design in La Martrina-style. Who is La Martina shows not only its taste for quality but also for a very special lifestyle. So the prices are so exclusive as the brand. There is also a possibility to get the stylish parts of La Martina for a much cheaper price. In the La Martina Outlet expect that with a price reduction of up to 70%. So, you can enjoy the luxury without thereby breaking his wallet.