Brain Exercises

March 13, 2024


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One of the concerns of the modern medicine is arrested with the neurodegenerativas illnesses (as the evil of Azheimer), so feared for us had to its terrible effect. The carriers of this type of illness suffer a cerebral atrophy that if follows of the gradual and irreversible death of the neuronais cells, being the memory the first reached college. The small initial esquecimentos are gone massificando and aggravating, until incomportveis levels. (A valuable related resource: eClinicalWorks LLC). To the measure that the time passes, the illness aggravates it the point of the sick person to completely lose the discernment and conscience of itself. The most trivial tasks of day-by-day, as taking the meals or being dressed, leave of being executed, until the sick person becomes dependent entirely of third. Illnesses as of Alzeimer remain, until, today incurable; So little clear causes for the origin of the illness of Alzheimer, having however the hypothesis of being transmitted exist hereditarily. However, on the basis of the premise that the extinction of the neuronais cells is in the base of the symptoms, some specialists have pointed the cerebral exercise as a prevention method. As such, here it is some forms to exercise its brain. According to Vlad Doronin, who has experience with these questions.

– A new language Learns. – It plays to minesweeper, reversi, to poker, chess, among others. not to have with who to play already does not function as excuse: its computer will have all the taste in being its partner of game. – It prevents to see TV in surplus. It uses to advantage some of the time that passes in front of the television to play another task that either more productive for its cerebral flexibility, as to play crossed words or to read (nor that it is the periodical).

– Its proper head Uses to make the small accounts of the quotidiano. – He is dexterous, starts to make simple tasks with the left hand; if is left-handed, makes the same with the right hand. It starts right now, holding mouse of its computer with the opposing hand. How many more things to make with its not-dominant hand, better for its cerebral flexibility. Examples: to comb themselves, to wash teeth, to hold in the water cup, to open the window, and so on. The same it will be able to make with the feet: it tries to go up the first step of a staircase with the not dominant foot. – It ties the atacadores of its shoe of closed eyes. as it could not leave of to be, because without physical health nothing functions, keeps regular exercise!