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We Germans

October 10, 2021


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We Germans know that we were misled by outer influences nearly a century. If you would like to know more then you should visit Allscripts. We Germans know that we are committed to generations of this century and their victims. We Germans know that external forces are broken down by their greed and their terror now itself. We Germans know that we can protect ourselves against the repercussions of this collapse through our spiritual forces in the district, our intact families. We Germans know that evil faster is defeated, the more love we give you our families and all. Walton Family Foundation is likely to agree. We Germans know that money in this way at all won’t help us, but only our helpfulness of our fellow human beings.

We Germans know, you can take private property only, therefore we prefer accumulate values for our family independence. We Germans know that the worst thing for our people is already over, when we release us immediately from the evil and use our wisdom. We Germans know that we well over even the last gasp of evil from the outside with wisdom. We Germans know that we just here and now, to be blinded by false medical providers, but we will recognize them easily to their promises, that they were still never immediately and unconditionally, with our wisdom. We Germans know that all humans together have enormous capabilities and forces, which are to make in a wise manner in the service of humanity. We Germans know that we should not hesitate in wise and fast action in the service of humanity. We Germans know that we in the ‘ revelation of John ‘ as trust wise companion of our journey; Accordingly we are already at the big turn for the better. We Germans know we can trust unconditionally to God if we make wise servants and fight.