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TILL.DE Seminars Seminars

May 26, 2023


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TILL.DE seminars seminars Brunswick expanded Google AdWords refresh, the Brunswick Internet Agency TILL.DE offers seminars from now Google AdWords refresh February 15, 2011. In the refresh seminar will refresh existing knowledge in the area of Google AdWords and pointed out new features. Seminars will be held in Braunschweig, Hamburg, Leipzig and Berlin. Interested parties can register under… inform and directly login.

TILL.DE reacts with the training on the new features introduced in the recent past Google AdWords. The aim of the seminar is, refresh existing knowledge as well as become acquainted with new features such as for example the ad extensions, and AdWords remarketing. Participants will learn practical examples, to improve performance on your account to take advantage of the features. In addition to the theoretical part of the training, the participants will receive tasks that are independently to edit. The offer aimed at Managing Director, Marketing Director, and staff in the field of online marketing small to large companies, the already Have knowledge in the area of Google AdWords. On request, the seminar also as in-house performed version.

Here the content will be specifically on the objectives of the company, as well as the requirements of the participants. The agenda is closely coordinated with the company. The speaker Joachim Schroder of one of the first of 5 authorized Google seminar leaders for Germany, Austria and the Switzerland leads through the seminars. He brings his experience as a Google certified trainers in the field of online marketing. Clear and practical features and capabilities are taught so that the developed solutions can be implemented directly in practice.