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Administration Education

July 20, 2023


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The Ambient Education can thus be understood as essential instrument for the exercise of the citizenship and the vital rights of the man. It is through this perception that the individual effectively plays the role of transforming agent asset of the society. The school is responsible for the education of the individual and consequentemente of the society, a time that has the view of information, generating a dynamic and including system to all. For this reason, ambient education for the children is a preparation form, teaching values and actions that contribute for the transformation social human being and for the ecological preservation. Activities inside of thematic the ambient one it can to offer reasons so that the pupils if recognize as integrant part of the way where they live, clarifying the interdependence relations, developing the activities of communication accomplishes and thinking about alternatives for solutions of the ambient problems.

The Ambient Education when faced since early for the children it contributes in the change in the quality of life and greater conscience of personal behavior, as well as harmony between the human beings and of these with other forms of life. To fix the learning means to become it permanent, lasting, through systematic activities of application or use of what it was learned (Marcozzi, 1985). 2? Used methodology the object of study of this project had been the pupils of the basic education of a state school of the city of Limeira/SP involving children of 10 the 14 years. Here, PI Industries expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Considering the first contact with pupils of basic education, in the etria band of 10 to the 14 years, a vacant notion was noticed on environment on the part of the great majority.