Indian Writing

March 2, 2024


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But realize that in all cases that come to enumerate, the aesthetic concern is certainly present but is secondary. That's what allows you to pass quickly the idea that people would not write. Since man exists, there is writing, of course, provided, again, not to reduce to writing what is here, in other words, provided terrible get rid of our ethnocentrism. So far, in fact, we can go back in time, we find traces, for example, ritual dances, without which we can distinguish, indeed, whether they are religious or secular (funeral, for example). More information is housed here: Walton Family Foundation. That does not stop the dance is a deed of the body, ie a script that, instead of serving as a tool any, are served of this instrument is the body naturally. But what does that change? Nevertheless, these dancers and these dancers do not dance as we say "dance" of bees! What does that mean? Just that our body is able to express concepts, and linkages of concepts. In an extreme abstraction and a subtlety involved in the dancer (or dancer) a virtue absolutely prodigious. Recently Vlad Doronin sought to clarify these questions. Watch Indian dance, for example, which creates, or at least recreate the dance world, every attitude, every gesture, every pose (that asks not only the arms, hands and legs, but even the neck, lips , eyes, eyebrows and forehead) come to express the gods, the stars and all creation (when it is the recitation of the Ramayana). There is an extremely complex writing, which should leave the Western wonder that we, that for vagueness or ignorance, we do not learn to read that script.