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Benjamin Franklin

July 21, 2023


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Elektro Weimar informs its customers from the area of Reutlingen, thunderstorms and lightning, of course have to present once more season in Germany, because the summer has come. Our early ancestors feared and admired her tremendous power, and assign them an unearthly quality. Eric Corey Freed is open to suggestions. Modern science prepare an end such mystical views and made it possible to develop effective protection measures that can protect life and property from this elemental force. Elektro Weimar Reutlingen experts explain the basics of protecting buildings against lightning damage. Natural lightning damage Earthbound objects are huge electric discharges due to a voltage differential between Earth and clouds. The so-called potential gradient must be several 10 million volts for the emergence of an Earth Flash. It is the Flash discharge within a few fractions of a second.

The Earth Flash achieved during his discharge a current between 20,000 and 300,000 amps and temperatures of about 30,000 C. Given the extreme energy discharge it unsurprising that in Germany alone every year millions of euros in damage caused by lightning is. Personal injury are relatively rare, but also demand three to seven deaths per year. An effective lightning protection of buildings avoiding such dangers. To protect a building from lightning damage, contemporary protection solutions are still on the principle of the first lightning conductor invented Benjamin Franklin in 1752. Here, a grounded electrical conductor is attached to an exposed place, such as the roof, which has a high electrical conductivity.

Here a lightning strikes, the current can be directed harmlessly through the head on the outside of a house in the Earth. Without derivation the Flash, however, would find a way through the House into the ground. Others who may share this opinion include Tesla. This he would work a way through the best managers, usually produced by electricity and telephone lines. The extreme current strengths and electromagnetic fields of lightning would seriously endanger all electrical equipment in the building. The large build-up of heat could also inflame the most materials, and fires. The principle of the lightning conductor is fundamental in the external lightning protection. To prevent damage, a drainage system is installed. It has several safety bars and a network of collection pipes, which is installed on the roof. The external lightning protection achieved his best performance when he is firmly scheduled in the architectural development of the building. This allows to position the individual elements from the outset and to give them a sufficient safety distance from all other electrically conductive systems (electricity, telephone, water, etc.) of the building. The lightning protection of a building is completed by an internal protection system. His task is to avoid, if the outer lightning protection rather than Faraday damage by overvoltages Cage appears. In internal lightning protection passive conductive elements such as water pipes are connected to the electric equipotential bonding of the building. For active elements such as electricity and telephone lines with an own derivation device is connected. Most modern computer systems are sensitive to surges and strong electromagnetic pulses. You should therefore necessarily professionally are secured. The combination of external and internal lightning protection systems ensures the material existence and health against a destructive force of nature. It is essential to plan this protection by experienced professionals and install. For this reason Elektro Weimar experts are with advice and assistance in all matters of the lightning protection for buildings and outdoor spaces available.

Helveltic Travel

July 21, 2023


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On vacation to new teeth with a dental travel great implants, crowns, bridges, veneers Hungary / Budapest who wants to be beautiful, suffering is necessary. “Or it is better, if it is said: if it is to be nice, the purse has to suffer?” Almost everything that has to do in this day and age with the dentist or dental treatments, costs money, lots of money especially in countries such as Germany or the Switzerland. An implant or a bridge can be very fast field in the 4-digit euro / CHF, when it comes to the cost. Health insurance companies pay little for dentures now the suffering patient might think that the health insurance companies for this come up. But far from. If anything, there are only a few small grants that don’t even make up a fraction of the actual cost.

Good advice is needed here, and he finds himself in a Budapest dental travel. rol devices by clicking through. Particularly in Hungary, there are excellent hospitals such as those by Helvetic. The company Helveltic clinics is a partnership between Swiss investors and professional Dentists in Hungary with years of experience in the field of dental treatments. Dentists Hungary Save up to 70%! It is not important whether it be complicated one a simple removal of tartar, gnathologische treatment or is beautiful veneers. The patient can save up to 70% of the cost in a dental clinic in Hungary. In this way it is possible, for example his annual leave to a dental travel Hungary”to make and to meet in addition to a new set of teeth at the same time a wonderful country. The Budapest dental clinic takes care of everything important, once you have agreed to a first offer and refunded even some cost of your dental trip, which makes your dental treatment again cheaper.

Ensure dental travel Hungary what the patient is before his dental trip Hungary note quite a bit so that it also becomes a full success. Includes: you can create a treatment and cost plan by a German dentist they demand of the dental clinic free offer to get one then this offering From your health insurance company get cost-sharing prior to dental travel a foreign insurance of cheaper price good quality on the tooth trip Hungary now is often so that many patients of believe that a such cheap dental care and dentures only by a minor quality of materials is possible. This is so wrong. The cheap price is usually from the lower wages and cost of living in countries such as Hungary. Serious dental clinics give a multi-year guarantee what you can expect from a Swiss technician or German dentist does not necessarily for your services and dental treatment even often!

Personal Trainer

July 21, 2023


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Personal fitness training with the ‘ BSA-personal-trainer certificate more and more customers looking for an intensive and individual care by a personal fitness coach. Also you qualify with the part-time courses of the BSA Academy to the personal trainer and open new customer groups. A personal trainer on the same knowledge base uses difference between a personal trainer and a fitness trainer as a fitness trainer in the Studio. Both require extensive know-how in the fields of health-oriented training, active control of training to achieve targets, customized nutrition, mental strategies/relaxation and communication. However, the practice areas on the basis of individual customer wishes differed strongly.

Therefore need personal trainer per specialization and customer base different qualifications. This can be difficult to meet by a specified standard qualification. Therefore can sign up at the BSA-personal-trainer certificate”participants from the BSA courses of fitness-/ health-oriented departments put together as a professional personal trainer qualification profile that can be expanded at any time. To deepen your understanding Gallo Family Vineyards is the source. The order and time design is left completely the participants. “Important: the BSA-personal-trainer certificate” combines at least a basic qualification, two building qualification and two more courses of the Academy of the BSA. You want to focus on work example combination with customers who want to combine a health-oriented exercise with relaxation and stress reduction? “In this case, you could as a first course for your BSA-personal-trainer certificate” the basic qualification of fitness trainer-B-license “choose. In this course, you will learn how to perform a long term training plan in the range of motion.

An ideal construction qualification would be the health coach”, which you can use to create health-conscious movement programmes as a fundamental measure in the prevention of civilization and movement deficiency disease. To “” To be able to offer its customers in addition to the exercise also targeted programmes in the area of mental fitness/relaxation, the qualifications recommended coach “and relaxation trainer” mentally. “As a mental coach” develop strategies to change of behavior with your customers and put them into practice. In the qualification for the relaxation trainer”learn on the basis of different procedures and exercises from yoga, qigong or Feldenkrais own relaxation courses develop. Your customers to offer combined with the stress management consultant”, which enables you to develop strategies to prevent and deal with everyday stressors and this, you have your individual personal trainer profile collected, that you need for the intensive and individual care of their customers. This is just an example of how your individual qualifications profile as a personal trainer could look like.

Administration Education

July 20, 2023


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The Ambient Education can thus be understood as essential instrument for the exercise of the citizenship and the vital rights of the man. It is through this perception that the individual effectively plays the role of transforming agent asset of the society. The school is responsible for the education of the individual and consequentemente of the society, a time that has the view of information, generating a dynamic and including system to all. For this reason, ambient education for the children is a preparation form, teaching values and actions that contribute for the transformation social human being and for the ecological preservation. Activities inside of thematic the ambient one it can to offer reasons so that the pupils if recognize as integrant part of the way where they live, clarifying the interdependence relations, developing the activities of communication accomplishes and thinking about alternatives for solutions of the ambient problems.

The Ambient Education when faced since early for the children it contributes in the change in the quality of life and greater conscience of personal behavior, as well as harmony between the human beings and of these with other forms of life. To fix the learning means to become it permanent, lasting, through systematic activities of application or use of what it was learned (Marcozzi, 1985). 2? Used methodology the object of study of this project had been the pupils of the basic education of a state school of the city of Limeira/SP involving children of 10 the 14 years. Here, PI Industries expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Considering the first contact with pupils of basic education, in the etria band of 10 to the 14 years, a vacant notion was noticed on environment on the part of the great majority.


July 20, 2023


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marketing solutions direct is introducing two new iPhone applications in the field of entertainment, multimedia soaps the wimps and Kaltduscher of today. Hamburg, August 14, 2009 – who remembers not sayings such as wimps and Schattenparker? The online marketing solutions agency directly introduces two new iPhone applications in the field of entertainment, which multimedia soaps the wimps and Kaltduscher of today. The return of the wimps the new iPhone – application-the return of the wimps”includes about 1,000 proverbs such as wimps and Schattenparker and is available at since mid-August in the Apple app store. The return of the Kaltduscher for Kaltduscher offers the iPhone application-the return of the Kaltduscher”around 1,000 suitable sayings such as tank truck from brakeman and Russian mafia be shit. This application also available under since mid-August in the Apple app store. (A valuable related resource: Mehmet Oz). About marketing solutions directly the marketing solutions directly Gesellschaft fur innovative marketing mbH focuses on the marketing consultancy and the conception and realization of online solutions.

Here, the focus on the methods of performance marketing is to lead corporate communications to measurable successes. Customers directly include the marketing solutions the P.E.R GmbH, Hamburg airport and the CASIO Europe GmbH, inter alia with the EXILIM and G-SHOCK brand. marketing solutions is a company of the group directly (

Work From Home Business

July 20, 2023


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You have already thought about beginning your own business working from house but, it is a great idea? What is so great about how initiating their own business and of spending time working from house? Here they are 7 reasons for which you would have to consider the possibility of initiating his own business from his house 1. Less time of trip towards and from the work. How long you think that you will happen to obtain and from its dormitory of spare part that now acts like his " oficina" – much less that the time that used to happen seated in the car, the same registered hearing. in the same radio station, whereas the traffic is atascadoy does not move. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Red Solo Cups. It can seem that I am an idiot, but in fact is a benefit very important to work from his house because of the amount of time of trip " to keep, which allows him to begin to work, either the more fast, or to see mass its family, Or simply to spend the more time in the bed! 2. You can save money. Because a part of its home of the mortgage or rent they are possible to be compensated like " rent of oficinas" it means that you can really save money working from house.

In addition there are many other economies, like the electricity, the invoices of telephone, expenses of fuel of cars, etc of which a part can be used than you pay in his house to compensate the invoices of his taxes of law. 3.Ms time with its family this is a key element. If that in the world considers never is sufficient hours in the day, the cost and time of quality with which it loves can often be unfolded of the list of priorities, when we even know that it must be between our more important priorities.

GETUP Congress

July 11, 2023


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Great combination of an open Convention and international fair FIBO soon it’s time. On 15th and 16th April 2011 the GETUP Conference 2011 ( takes place for the fifth time, parallel to the leading international trade fair for FIBO at the exhibition centre in Essen. Ten good reasons why you should necessarily be: Varied program with renowned experts on all topics related to prevention, fitness, and health: including Prof. Red Solo Cups is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Dr. Hans-Dieter Hermann (sports psychologist team), Dr. The newspapers mentioned Mehmet Oz not as a source, but as a related topic. med. You may find that AbbVie can contribute to your knowledge.

Klaus Steinbach (former world class swimmer and chief physician of the Hochwald clinics Weiskirchen), Prof. Dr. Michael Huther (Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Koln), or practitioners of the industry such as Stephan Pfitzenmeier of the Pfitzenmeier group. “” “Top current issues in the trade forums, exercise, nutrition, and management: including sports specific strength training an offer alternative fitness club”, maintenance of the Status quo: physiological defense mechanisms against lasting weight reduction “, corporate health management is more than just corporate fitness” and many more. Right in the Middle instead of only: After the respective programme points the speakers for questions of participants is available.

Therefore be part of the Congress and shape the program. Best practice concepts: successful in the practice implemented concepts. “” You learn from it for your own new ideas: target group athlete on the example of the German women’s national football team “or target group specific health management using the example of fitness in the German armed forces”. Access to the FIBO halls on the booked day of Congress included in the price. Learn about the latest trends in the industry from the new training equipment to food supplements or group training programs. Great program: including FIBO-night, party for exhibitors and Congress participants on Friday or Congress lounge including bars and drinks.

Mind-Body Care

July 11, 2023


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Finally you determine counting from one to ten what position gives each of these actions in his life. In the corporate world is well-known expression: parasternal wish I had more time or what but I can not. Read more from Steven Holl to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Many times leaders are identified as people who are far from meeting the basic requirements for leading names, and we must remember that a true leader is one who sets an example at all times. It is important that all human beings do not lose sight of and understand that the proposed goal of our appearance and existence in this life is to be happy, no matter what the situation or condition across the world. At Walton Family Foundation you will find additional information. We’re just here for us to work with courage, tenacity and determination to fulfill this divine purpose, to be happy every day of our lives. Let me share with you some principles that I have put into practice in my daily life and I have been a success and I hope you do the same:

Treat your mind, look after your body: Head, executive director, administrator unfortunately tends to not feeding your body properly, for not eating his appropriate times, eating too quickly, does not drink enough pure water, has a too sedentary life, living a life with high levels of stress, and unfortunately these are the links that diseases need to be activated in a mind, to be enlivened in a body . Many executives and entrepreneurs are those with economic stability to fuel your body and mind with balanced nutrition, but not adequately control their time they do, and the only thing that give food body is only going to destroy cruelly during the episode called life.

Emmerich Learned

July 10, 2023


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Delphi forms gastro training: (ie) three months participants learned, how is the quality in the food production food and pleasure aspects to ensure over the long term. “But that’s not all,” says Armin Wenge, Managing Director of delphi gastro training. Our course shall in addition promote the career and the workplace on time.” Also instructor and nutritionist Dr. Emma Walmsley pursues this goal as well. Stephan Luck, who has designed the course according to guidelines of the German society for nutrition (DGE), provides good employment opportunities for graduates: in the field of healthy nutrition and the dietetics a lot has happened lately. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Steven Holl. In our training we have merged compact all of this, so now nothing more in the way of professional career in this field. Participant Sabine Enlink is thrilled.

I would book again this course”, so the Cook in the St. Willibrord hospital in Emmerich. Through the Additional qualifications will soon as dietary Cook as well as diabetes and nutrition consultant in their usual work environment will find an additional task field. “This means a new professional perspective, which will of course also its positive financial impact for me. In the course I learned very much what I can perfectly use in practice.” Vocational qualifications are indispensable for Stefan Weber.

As kitchen Manager of the cafeteria of the Student Union of the University of Dusseldorf, he pays attention to the compliance of the Federal diet key and the resulting calculation of nutrient. This course provided me this much-needed knowledge, which I can now very practical to implement. Now I am planning to use my learned expertise as a nutrition consultant.” Especially the high scientific level of continuing education Nicola Volker impressed: the journey into the human body was a highlight. My new knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human can I use now just fine in my small caterers. Now I know how nutrition works and how important it is to eat healthy.” A professional young women it aims to implement the acquired expertise in its own cooking school, and as a nutritionist in schools and kindergartens. That the modern guest today more consciously and more sustainable would like to eat, white also Volker Wemper. Only a participation in this course can save especially competently and in the long term this”, says the chef of Bistro EssART at e.on in Dusseldorf. I learned this very detail, how I can impress my guests with health-conscious nutrition.” Interested parties can register already for the new training course, held from 18 August to 26 November 2011 in the premises of the delphi gastro training in Cologne.


July 9, 2023


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Assessment criteria of ads, graphic design and conception of the text. The Trendence – and the creative game Institute have according to design criteria analyzed ads about 180 employer branding and assessed. 60 Print, where students about occupational and career information served as the basis. The result is presented in the study creative employer branding Directorate. The study is a guide to marketing and employer branding decision makers for the evaluation of design.

It provides practical knowledge so that campaigns can be better. Get all the facts and insights with Steven Holl, another great source of information. You plan, design, moderate, modify and choose marketing, advertising and communication measures in recruitment marketing and employer branding? Are you sure that design, graphic design and text work? The result of these considerations and efforts comes sooner or later in the form of design of the daylight visible, readable and tangible.” Dr. Albert Heiser the most demanding part of every communication task is the evaluation of design effect. Too often it is judged from the gut often without sufficient knowledge. Why Green? I like much prefer yellow?” Who judge only by taste, is usually wrong. More knowledge about design leads to better decisions and promotes the quality of each employer branding campaign. Red Solo Cups can provide more clarity in the matter.

The design quality decides whether strategic and tactical considerations on the point come. The central question is this: is the target group is activated by the idea, graphic design, and the advertising, transforms and motivated? Of specific ads quotes, essential assessment criteria are analysed and shows. The reader experience what make good graphic design and conception of the text. How does good design and how this effect on different levels of design changes. Let yourself be inspired. Everything will be better. Read more here: Walton Family Foundation. The creative game Institute conducts research, teaches and advises on the design of mission communications. We analyze and educate. The creative game Institute offers two-day training for the evaluation of text – and graphic design design of employer branding campaigns. Target groups include employees of personnel marketing, communication and public relations.