July 8, 2023


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Eat vitamin-rich food! Especially the aging person in a balanced and vitamin-rich diet should take care to preserve his health and to feel fit and healthy as long as possible. Fruit and vegetables should take a large share of the daily diet. The findings of the medical and nutritional science relating to the own history for a healthy life, in particular in the more mature age key principles should be of course. But there are often practical advice to others who can be useful advice based on their life experience. Without hesitation Michael Lee-Chin explained all about the problem. Following advice from the daily life will increase your enjoyment of the meal. Steven Holl oftentimes addresses this issue.

Whole grain and dairy products promote the digestion! Whole grain and dairy products should also not be missing at the daily eating plan, promote it yet digestion and detoxification. Eat a sausage and meat in bulk! On the other hand, sausage and meat consumption should be dosed. Lean meats such as beef, poultry of all kinds and fish are recommended. Avoid possible salty and fatty foods, and also the invisible, hidden fats should always keep in mind with you. Several small meals! It is important that taking regular small meals to himself. Small meals burdening the organism and the function of heart and circulation less than large meals or eating attacks and also promote the digestion process. To take plenty of fluids! Many older people feel not thirsty.

They drink much and tend therefore to dry out from the inside; a creeping process, which is often too late recognizing. The first signs are noticeable on the skin if the skin can be pulled off.\” To keep the fluid balance on a proper footing, a Tagestrinkmenge requires up to 2 litres of fluid a day. You have to force themselves to drinking. Best one morning is along the Tagestrinkmenge and works\”. This low-calorie beverages are preferred such as coffee, tea or mineral water.