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Granada is a Spanish city located to the foot of mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Granada is a popular tourist destiny, since it lodges beautiful buildings and a very active social life. Some of the main more important tourist places are the Alhambra and the palace of the citadel, the city of the Albaicn, the University of Granada, the cathedral of Granada, the Real Chapel of Granada, the Sacromonte and Charterhouse. You may want to visit Steven Holl to increase your knowledge. The Alhambra, that was founded by the Muslim Emirs, offers an impressive view of all the city. The Generallife is another palace with a beautiful garden with variety of flowers, plants and sources in a colorful landscape and where the architecture plays a very important role. Many of the main rural houses Granada can be seen from this place. When you are in Granada in a tourism trip, also she can enjoy his meals and dinners in the restaurants, which are recognized world-wide by their delicious kitchen, in addition while it is in some good restaurant, also it can delight his eyes with the beauty of the surroundings.

When you it looks for that to visit in Granada, does not stop visiting its restaurants, since many of them are located in terraces that allow to admire incredible landscapes. Some of the cheap hotels in Granada can be found really closely together of the Alhambra. It considers that the price of a lodging in Granada for 2 people can have a cost from 32 and can get to cost 64. The majority of these lodgings includes cafeteria, bar, room service, breakfast buffet, wireless connection to Internet, rooms of meetings, service of laundry and material of multilingual support. The rooms in almost all the lodgings in Granada are conditionned, like in many of the rural houses Granada for tourists.

He is by that the tourists can arrive at Granada in any month of the year and enjoy comfortably without having to think much about the cold or the heat. The facilities in all the places of lodging are updated even if you decide to look for some of the cheap hotels in Granada, Spain. These include, besides equipment audio-visual, facilities for banquets, services of weddings, services of conserjera, tourist attendance and exhibition hall. The location of these hotels is closely together of as popular sites as the Source of Batallas, the Cathedral of Granada and the Alhambra. If you do not know that to visit in Granada, in all the hotels offered all the information him that you wish on the tourism.

Teach Plato

December 25, 2022


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ONE of the things that QUISIERON teach Plato and Aristotle some all you try, is to give us a political lesson of the works of Plato and Aristotle in relation to this matter. Recall that Plato’s or as they call him in his time the Greeks through his real name which is ARISTARCHUS Aristotle has a variety of elements, as well as the work of his disciple. These two teachings are called policy. The politics of Plato and Aristotle policy. They manifest a high concern for the law and the Government of Greece. Longer than who carefully study these two works, will conclude that these two philosophers and sociologists name that I can find them appropriate. They knew a historical part of his people.

And as such they ventured to design two models of Government in order to avoid a large number of internecine wars. Which are worse, than those which are conducted with countries or foreign Nations. Aristarchus and his pupil Aristotle they feared the disintegration of the glorious Greece. They knew their historical background and experienced the development of Governments in which they lived. But as philosophers, the vulgar considers them crazy. And rulers and bourgeois, seem things unimportant, because it raises no wealth, nor gives greater distinction of class. Such approaches or tips serve for nothing.

The Greeks superficially commented and studied the designs of Government proposed by its two citizens. Or if tried again and you see finally resigned. In any case Aristarchus i.e. Plato and Aristotle, they mentioned them these things beforehand. As it was the case of internecine wars and corruption high and voluptuous. Which finally aniquilo them. Or you may see something mysterious and ignore. I needed to tame the Golden steed. Since the Greek people would have ruled to the entire world, of not be tamed by its own citizens and enemies. What was one of the causes? The following: the Peloponnesian War caused great harm to Greece. the war wrote Thucydides, has been of great length and has produced evils as Greece had never experienced them in the same space of time. They had never been taken and devastated so many cities. There were never so many exiles. Nor so much bloodshed, so much in fighting as a pestilent. Earthquakes simultaneous throughout much of the globe. great drought and, of them, hunger in certain countries; a pest still more cruel and that has destroyed part of the Greeks: the plague; horrendous evils that all together, joined the evils of this war. As you have studied, the Greeks had the habit of enslave to Greeks. Until solon confronto them. Similarly made, Plato. To keep us turning in circle. We will end up saying that the Greeks faced each other, and that to achieve power. joined foreign peoples to be among them. And do not comply with this, joined the Roman people, who eventually commissioned to dissolve them at a when adapted their culture.

Build Relationships

October 14, 2021


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The vast majority of scholars of human behavior, and especially, the couple studies, we agree, is possible to build healthy couples, however, need to work on that. Couple’s relationship is a significant important to the vast majority of people, and therefore, we need to steer efforts to make more constructive than destructive reality. Among some of the points that would have to be taken into account are:-it is important not to lose the individuality, but that each of the members of the couple keep their own identity. It is also necessary to reaffirm the relationship as what is shared. However, the vast majority of couples become dependent and are blurred against their partners. -Avoid at all costs the sickly dependencies, aggressions and unnecessary violence not also claim possession and being in the relationship as a form of dependence and addiction. When you have the maturity nor the self-confidence and self-esteem for a relationship, then, we believe that we will die without this couple.

-the relationship has to give a balance and be in situations of equity in all aspects pertaining to the couple: money, love, opportunities, friends, etc. – communication, the expression of feelings, the project partner and the individual project must be open, honest and clear. Be in agreement that it is possible to express themselves without fear. -Are required to both participate in the link with the same capacity: solidarity, concern, demonstrations of love, growth and development. It seems an ideal, however, to the extent that we are aware of what we want in our relationship, that way is important, build the bond of the couple. In relations as the narcissistic, aggressive, pain-filled toxic and dependent relationships, they are a series of wounds and scars that need to go and discover both if we stayed in that relationship either if we decided to abandon it.

On this site you can get all about life in couple and electronic material that will give you light for your understanding. How restore confidence in love: wounds and scars on the couple relationship. Cecreto is dedicated to the quality of its impact on the social and emotional life. The Cecreto blog you might want: prisoners of love.