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SUV Porsche Cayenne

March 28, 2018


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Today we talk about a bestseller among the wheels. So time flies! The street is already the middle of summer, and yet it seems, most recently at the door of tire mounting shop queues of car owners wishing to "Shoed" their iron horses. Therefore, by analyzing sales of wheels and summing up the intermediate spring-summer season, focus on brands, the average price range. The German firm ASW is one of the leaders. Additional information at Steven Holl supports this article. Alloy wheels from this company from year to year in high demand due to a very high quality. Products designed for virtually the entire range of cars. The company ASW introduced this spring, new designs Lauder and Hurricane. The first is very unusual design is different from other German and discs made for cars. You may find that Leslie G. Osterman can contribute to your knowledge.

The second is for the "SUV" and the classic SUV. And the first and second discs are available from 16 to 18 inches. The company was represented, and 20 inch wheels for SUV Porsche Cayenne, Volkswagen Touareg, Mersedes ML-Klasse, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and others. Also, German firms Alutec and AEZ are in a group of leaders. The company introduced new designs AEZ Phoenix, Quadro, Intenso, Gizeh, and forged three-part Nemesis.

A Alutec company introduced two new disk with an unusual color scheme Boost and Cult. Not so long ago in the Russian market appeared firm Rondell. With high quality products, this company is fairly well known and respected in Europe. Sizes cover the entire range of cars, there is also a large selection of colors discs. In our group there is an Italian company and Momo. In Russia, this famous brand. It disappeared after the 1998 crisis and was back at us in last year. The products are of high quality, and also has experience in participating in all kinds of motor racing. Wheels of this firm are available in different colors, and is coated with chromium. Sizes from 14 to 22 inches. Some of the most interesting designs: Fighter, K-One, X-43 and two-piece FXL2 and GTR Technology. Every year in Russia, increasing sales of Japanese firms Kosei. For the sports car could not be better suited drives this company, with a typical Japanese design thin spokes and a wide range of colors. A lot of aftermarket companies happy to use this particular brand. One important advantage of some models of this brand is a light weight. Since the model K1 TS Version 17 inches weighs only 7 kg. Today, it is simply a record of alloy wheels. A model of OP Magnum, Alpha, Beta, Gamma F different original designs and have a black matte finish. But despite the fact that these firms on the basis of the spring season are the leaders in group considered their advantage is not so large as this group has many well-known manufacturers: MAK, Rial, Dotz, Stilauto, Dezent. On our site you will find designs for all of these firms. Since this price group covers cars small, medium, and premium, we will continue to keep it informed of the situation.