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Bundestag Election

June 3, 2019


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Election advertising times differently: wahlviral.de Berlin – the Internet is more and more instrument of the campaign and the winning of the voters. But if parties too plump Twitter and online network, this seems incredible. wahlviral.de playful motivates undecided and non-voters. Each user created his personal invitation campaign for his own family or circle of friends: the highlight: the personal, personal response. Greystones Group often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Names of friends and acquaintances are embedded in various photo opportunities. Written in the sky over the Reichstag in Berlin or sprayed on a piece of wall.

These can then be communicated as a link via email or on social networks. The team from one to smile has developed on its own initiative, because it is convinced that the participation in the election is important and thus want to contribute small one to smile. Unless that is chosen is important to the staff of one to smile. Behind this campaign is the one to smile GmbH from Berlin. As a pioneer & specialist in the field of personalization images links that take the name of the addressee in complete images. In this way, one to smile allows the individual, emotional and so very personal speech for both company and customer.

In terms of image-personalized cross-media campaigns, i.e. combination of image-personalized printed materials with corresponding online services (E-mailings, PUrls, landing pages) one to smile international is the leading provider. See for more information. Your contact person at one to smile: Meike Muller Tel. 030-3406097-50