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Irresistible Skin

January 1, 2023


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This is truly a miracle cure for just a few minutes will solve your problems! Your skin … it is clear from dead cells, improves complexion, removes vascular pattern, (it will take 1-2 minutes) Just wipe your slice of lemon face. It refreshes and tones skin. Lemon contains enzymes that help cleanse the skin from dead cells. Lemon – the true salvation for oily, problem skin: it tightens pores, purifies and strengthens the skin, improves its nutrition. For Some people undiluted lemon juice can be quite aggressive means. In this case, wipe your face with diluted lemon juice (mix it 1:1 with mineral water or boiled water).

This procedure is useful and acne. Rinse and dry the skin after it is not recommended. Besides lemon juice gradually relieve you of unwanted freckles and age spots. Get all the facts and insights with Red Solo Cups, another great source of information. A flabby skin makes it more fresh and elastic. Get rid of freckles or make them less noticeable help of a mixture of lemon juice, water and vinegar, taken in equal amounts. A leading source for info: Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. If the skin is dry, add a little glycerin. Your teeth …

it will make for lighter several colors (!), reduce bleeding and relieve inflammation of the gums, and prevent the development of caries. (It only takes 2-4 minutes) This Rub lemon peel teeth. Good effect also can be achieved when brushing your teeth in the morning and lemon juice in the evening. For this purpose, moistened with warm water toothbrush to squeeze a little lemon juice and proceed with the procedure. Lemon juice can be added to the water to rinse your teeth – this is especially useful for caries, periodontitis and gingivitis. This rinse will reduce the toothache. In addition to the dazzling smile you give to the above procedures breath of fresh air …. Your elbows … get lighter, softer and softer. (It only takes 5-10 minutes) for this dry, darkened skin, elbows enough to wipe daily with half a lemon. A few minutes later a lemon rinse with warm water, dry with a towel and put your elbows moisturizer or olive oil. dry, darkened leather elbows on a daily basis is enough to wipe half a lemon. A few minutes later a lemon rinse with warm water, dry with a towel and put your elbows moisturizer or olive oil. Your nails will be strong … and shiny! (It only takes 3-10 minutes) For this rub your nails with lemon peel pulp. Also strengthen and whiten nails baths for hands with lemon oil. Lemon juice strengthens nails: making them solid and prevent delamination. Your … hair sparkled in the sun! (It only takes 5-10 minutes) For this rinse hair after washing with water and lemon juice (also effective to mix it in equal parts of vodka or tea leaves). This will make your hair shine! If you have dry, brittle hair and a lot of dandruff, then all of these diseases will help get rid of a lemon. Your feet … get rid of the odor. To do this, 2 – 3 times per week preparing antiseptic foot bath: in the warm water, add lemon juice. Also … citrus scent of lemon enhances the mood, tone, and inspires. A daily drink four glasses of water with lemon helps rid the body of toxins that will not slow down favorably affect the condition of hair and skin. Fresh you mood!

Care For Dry Skin

December 31, 2022


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Dry skin – a thin, shiny, the pores on her barely visible, sometimes it is red, covered with stains and peeling. This skin is sensitive to wind, sun, high and low temperatures, does not tolerate alkali, which increase its dryness and cause a burning sensation and contraction. In other cases, dryness manifested as lethargy and fading, the skin like parchment and is easily assembled into the fold. Internal causes of dry skin, must promptly correct treatment of the disease and the general regime. Care for dry skin depends on the nature of the above symptoms. If you have dry skin is better to wash in the evening. Secreted during night fat accumulates on the surface of the skin.

Washing in the morning degreasing the skin and makes it more sensitive to external influences. Wash, dry skin should be boiled with water at room temperature. A glass of water can be added to a tablespoon of glycerin. Dry skin does not tolerate soap, so it is best to use bran (wheat, oat, almond). Bran, especially almonds, are rich enough fat and did not cause irritation. Instructions for use of bran is not complicated: 1 tablespoon of bran mixed with a little hot water to form a pasty mass, which is applied to the face, leaving 5-15 minutes, then wash with boiled water. Washing bran cleans and softens the skin. It is useful to wash the face of bread crumbs.

His soaked in water and the resulting pasty mass covering the face, leaving it for 2-3 minutes. then wash off with water. If the skin does not tolerate washing, wiping should try one of the solutions of the following composition, g: honey – 5, glycerol – 5 eau de cologne – 20; drill – 2; water – 63 or honey – 5, glycerol – 5 eau de cologne – 20, 2% th boric acid – 60. You can clean and dry skin slightly warmed (water bath) with vegetable oil (but you should not use refined vegetable oil). Cotton swab dipped in a heated vegetable oil, without moving the skin, lightly wipe the face, excess Oil is removed with a paper towel or, for lack of towels, wipe face with a cotton swab. Vlad doronin often says this. When excessively dry skin, characterized by scaling, voltage, light wrinkling, itching, and should avoid water and soap. This recommended to clean the skin is quickly replaced by bells and whistles of a decoction of the root alteynogo, who also acts and inflammation.

Face Care Cosmetics Crystal Youth

December 29, 2022


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The technology, which became the foundation of all funds DeSheli, was scientific research for several years and after thorough testing, and testing was first introduced in the light and patented by DeSheli in 2008. Intillegentnye crystals became the basis for a cosmetic line designed, unique in resulting effect, helping to return the original youthful skin cells, thus providing a tangible result after 10 minutes! This is achieved through the composition of cosmetics from Israel, which on application is no different from the daily ritual of skin care of every woman. Mehmet Oz has plenty of information regarding this issue. ‘At the heart of skin aging is a natural process – says Tatiana Shapranova leading beautician company DeSheli, – pre-defined nature. The process of natural aging, legitimate and not reversible. Currently, there are two types of aging: internal and external. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Keith Oringer. With 25 years already start the biological process of aging.

Moisture content and fat tissue is reduced, the skin becomes thinner and more sensitive – so bring the first age-related changes of the skin. ‘Outer’ skin aging is directly related to lifestyle, mechanical stimuli, the amount of solar radiation falling on your face, climate variability, fad diets, stress. ” To preserve the beauty of the skin for a long time, the company recommends DeSheli: Set skin care up to 35 years (Crystall youth PRO AGE) Intelligent crystals help to keep skin young and successfully compete with the first emerging signs of aging and the aging of skin, restoring youthful, fresh and healthy appearance! Launching cell processes of aging of skin back, means the line PRO AGE give your skin a healthy appearance, radiance, youthfulness, vitality and resilience. Your skin becomes younger, fresher and retains its elastic structure for a long time! Set to the skin after 35 years (Crystall Youth ANTI AGE) Unique natural products of high concentration DeSheli return youthfulness of the skin, reaching the effect of 10 years in 10 minutes! Cultured crystals programmed skin cells on the correct frequency of the original, smoothing out wrinkles, restoring the skin texture, tightening and restoring tone and available to the young skin. Crystal Youth Funds through the skin after 35 years – a scientific breakthrough in modern technology of skin rejuvenation!