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Table Soccer

January 1, 2023


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The TABLE SOCCER OF BELLBOYS IN JUMP, URUGUAY the city of Jump is the second city of Uruguay, has approximately 100,000 inhabitants. I am going to briefly historiar the history of ” futbolito of botones” (as we called to him here) in Jump. In the middle of the decade of the 60, a professor of Physical education (Sequeira Leites), of Brazilian origin evolved in the Christian Association of Young people, introduced east game, appropriate there for the days in which the climate did not allow the activity outdoors. The game conquered followers quickly and they were organized, towards that great decade ends matches that they had by soothes the ACJ. I was a small boy and she only knew of that by references of some participants, especially of a great called player Yellow Hebert (today lawyer). Over the years, the deport-hobby went away extending, and it gambled, in the 70 in different zones from this city. Gain insight and clarity with Rubio.

Towards 1970 (counting on 7 or 8 years of age, today I have 47) I began to practice what would be and is a passion. We live ours ” time dorada” towards aims of ” 70. In 1977 championships in the mornings of Sundays were organized, where the hard competitions by the title carried out ” Lucho” You live (always with National like equipment), Robert Fioritti (Germany) and who writes, Jimmy Pagani (Brazil), although also showed to great game Jose Avelino. Also Luis Monchetti, Elder Lerena, Antonio Galli, Elder Lerena and Elsio played Felix. We always played with authentic bellboys of clothes, and our regulation prohibits specifically what we called ” fichas” (the Brazilian bellboys, done exclusively for that game, generally of acrylic).

Our rule, with origin in the regulation introduced in the AJC, but transformed by the experience of many years, always was ” to toque” and the arquero golero- always was a button, because we always have contradictory to form an equipment with ten bellboys and prism (). ” time dorada” for the group of players who I integrated, it was by the end of the 70, principles of the 80; influence we conserved the Brazilian it still in the prescribed size of our arcs (porteras), whose 11 xs 4.5 cm. correspond to ” arcos” that we obtained in the games of bellboys of Brazil.

Korean Massage

January 1, 2023


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Massage equipment, beds, massagers Massage beds, delivery Nougat Best and Seragem manufactured in South Korea. In addition to these models, there are about fifty different Korean Massage beds manufacturers. South Korea's market is saturated to such an extent that almost every Korean home has a massage bed. Therefore, competition between brands makes produce more modern and functional saturated model. What does the massage bed? First is a massage of soft tissue back in the second-heating by infrared rays, in the third – spinal traction. This is basic. All the massage beds should perform these tasks.

The question is how it is organized. The most critical part of the massage bed is a slide (or internal floodlight). The carriage is steadily moving along the spine. Body presses on the massage by adjusting the force of the massage, depending on weight. The conclusion: The more commercials – the softer massage. Best carriage Nougat made of six (plus one neck) rolls can do massage for children from 3 years. Seragem carriage of the four spots restricts the age of 14 years. Treatment of cervical spine is a very difficult problem for developers of massage beds.

Seragem in this area is the prime way. His carriage reaches almost to the base of the skull, cervical ryastyagivaya all the same four rollers. Massage turns very intense. In bed Nougat Best cervical region by a special neck roll, which comes into operation only in the upper position the carriage. Roller presses on the base of the skull, thereby stretching the cervical part.

Gray Tattoo

January 1, 2023


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How many tattoos, the same issue exists in tattoo removal. It is known that in ancient Egypt tattoos removed by rubbing the asbestos – a kind of skin resurfacing or dermabrasion. In the modern world, tattoos can also be removed very different ways. Consider the most famous. The first thing to face than people who want a tattoo removed, from the numerous rumors and "examples" as Someone, somewhere has brought tattooing by plugging it with milk or hydrogen peroxide, but for some reason, no such person has not been seen. Theoretically, the introduction of any foreign substance into the skin causes an inflammatory reaction and may contribute to the destruction and removal of pigment from the skin.

But in practice – this is an inefficient way and does not lead to at least some visible results – only the scars. There is a tattoo on the market of services, such a method, as "Whitening" or "dilution" of tattoo by tattoo VANISHa (vanish-Eng. Bleach) then effects a little better, but after three or four "punch" that can be achieved as a means of blurring the tattoo – it becomes vague and may resemble a dirty colored stain on the skin. Ranulph fiennes will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Talk about smooth skin and the disappearance of a tattoo is not necessary. Another of the common ways that come to mind a man who chooses to get rid of tattoos, as well as numerous tips "skilled" – is to beat a tattoo on top of white or flesh-colored paint. Sometimes there are inexperienced or indifferent tattoo wizards to help in this event.

But the experienced tattooist will not do so and explain why – in the first place it looks unnatural (like a patch), and secondly after a while the darker colors of the old tattoo will manifest through the bright colors. One of adequate ways to get rid of old tattoos that make so-called "cover" or cover up, that is, cut off the old image to new, higher-quality and artistic. This is a very good way, such as for military tattoos, or tattoos done professionally a long time. You've got to consult with the tattoo master and it is likely you will be proud to wear professional highly artistic tattoo style tribal or Black & Gray instead of the blue crooked crap on his shoulder. If you do decide that you want to remove a tattoo, then trust the professionals, because tattoo removal is a serious procedure and should be performed by a doctor.

The Inevitable

December 27, 2022


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But who of us women do not want to look fashionable in the 30 and 40 years, and at an older age? Yes, beauty saves the world, but no legs. High-heeled shoes with narrow toes initially antifiziologichna. Physiological shoes – it’s a heel no higher than 3-4 – and see the front of the shoe that corresponds to the width of the foot. With such a heel evenly distributed load on the heel and forefoot. Wide toe does not force the fingers to be in walking unnatural position. This prevents their deformation, which can then be fixed. Now it becomes clear why the men in the medical practice is less common severe strain fingers, even if they have the flat. Frequently GSK CEO has said that publicly. At the young age of the ligamentous apparatus longer can withstand the daily congestion, so 20-25 years, we have rarely seen the curvature of the fingers.

But who of us women do not want trendy corresponding to the width of the foot. With such a heel evenly distributed load on the heel and forefoot. Wide toe does not force the fingers to be walking in an unnatural position. This prevents their deformation, which can then be fixed. Men’s shoes without a heel, and front office do not be so narrow, as in women’s shoes. And the man did not get to experience the discomfort experienced by woman walking in high heels! If a man for a long time walking in shoes with a narrow nose, then it appears as “pit” at the base of the thumb, formed hallux valgus, he feels the same pain. But such a man option in the medical practice is much rarer.

Yes, for the sake of visual appeal woman can tolerate the discomfort. Observe the gait of women at very high heels. Often, it is devoid of beauty: the knee joints when walking is not completely unbend, the woman goes on slightly bent legs. Moreover, it puts one foot is usually uneven, so that the heel pin goes inside of the axis. From the side it is clear that the legs have look after themselves, which could be preventing many unwanted changes in the body associated with poor footwear, not the appropriate seasonal clothing, etc. Let the inevitable age-related changes occur later and with less proyavleniyamii, many of which are to warn, slow down or completely prevented.


Do we always are ready for winter, which, as it does not wait, still comes unexpectedly? Doctors advise tirelessly 'to prepare the sleigh in summer' – take a multivitamin to move to a balanced diet and hardening of the body – long before the onset of winter, but we, Russian people, often prefer to live by the principle that 'if something can not do, it's better not to do it'! That remains our long-suffering immunity unprepared for 'hardship and deprivation 'cold months of the year. How do we survive the great winter? And, as the statistics for monitoring the health of the population, the incidence peaks in autumn and winter from year to year do not become less, despite the magic bullet drug oversaturated market, no shortage of variety of seasonal clothing and improving all the comfortable conditions of life of modern people. Has become absolutely everyday expression 'through the winter' means that in winter all of us have a hard time. The coming winter is accompanied by a sorrowful sigh, sneeze and cough, many of our sick countrymen. Another trouble – in the winter easy as never gain extra pounds! And finally, the 'third kit' that accompanies our winter reality – it's prone to depression, despondency and joyless mood 'Thanks' to which 'the experience of winter' becomes painful melancholy pastime. All of the above phenomena have explanations that we all are well known. With the onset of cold weather is activated many viral infections, to meet that and get sick at this time 'under strength' of each. .