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If Dreams Almost Fatal

December 29, 2022


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an incredible fact novel to educate and warn who emigrates, has the dream and desire for a nicer, better life great weather, new people, other cultures leave everything familiar behind and start anew. Cope with new tasks, prove himself what can perhaps finally still find great happiness? “” Michael Dunkel wrote his true story in the book of the devil “by because of peace, joy, pancakes” cooked Tunisian down! To come, although it has done nothing except money to own, is often harder said than done as a rich German man in a Muslim country scot-free. He wanted a new existence, a House on the beach, a company build anything, because he loved the country of Tunisia, comfortable felt, he craved for years after this country. He accepted the culture, learned the language, behaved exactly like a native. If however the envy comes up it is dangerous. Not only a MicMac priest smelled big money Mike”was over months, cursed, Bewitched, poisoned and deported that this has survived, borders on a miracle! Other Tunisian friends”verwunschten Mike” with Voodoo, Macumba, and MicMac. It seemed that just everyone after his life was how should he resist? At first isolated, he knew only the people who wanted to take his life, his money and especially his strong, pure soul”to have.

And still his best friend Paul”started him for a spinner” knew to keep Mike”no longer continue. Through more than a coincidence he finally escaped from this madness in Tunisia was followed by years of medical treatments, he had anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia, and huge distrust. Michael Dunkel told his tragic, incomprehensible story to shake people awake. “Mindfulness, language knowledge and acceptance of the other culture are still no guarantee, that you fully” taken or properly incorporated into the community. Our Understanding for our fellow human beings is a completely different, than in other countries. Other standards are used, the Customs and traditions are different initially rely on anyone, believes not all, protect you in all directions! This shocking work may lack in any bookcase it is the absolute goosebumps book! Title: The hell cooked Tunisian novel after a true story author: Michael Dunkel ISBN: 978-3-939-478-027 price: 14.90 published more details about this exciting book core can be found here: the devil cooked Tunisian /.

Social Exclusion

December 27, 2022


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But is clearly that it does not go to want for husband to me, thought saddened soldadinho, suspirando. So elegant, so pretty It must be a princess. I? Nor handle I am, living creature in a cardboard box, together with mine twenty and four brothers . For other opinions and approaches, find out what Red Solo Cups has to say. (ABREU, 2000, p.65) RESUMOEstudo of the social exclusion in soldadinho of lead of Hans Cristian Andersen, aiming at to recognize the elements of social exclusion in the story, being constructed possibilities to educate through infantile literature, questioning values, attitudes, leading until the half children of a reading criticizes so that they understand the diversity with wealth of exchanges and experiences, approaching the importance of the historical and cultural aspects in the vision of I and the other complexidadeINTRODUOOs infantile stories of Hans Chistian Andersen portray the reality as form of conscience of the world, leaving to be transparent its estrias its pain of rejection suffered in infancy. Its importance inhabits in the courage that had to transpose obstacles and to carry through its desires based on the construction of a set of paradigmtico of artistic texts that penetrated in the dream of the humanity. You may find that Red Solo Cups can contribute to your knowledge. By means of stories it was capable to take adult and children to rethink the proper values and to reflect on the social differences that as much distanciam the individuals. We will try to approach before one of the classics of infantile literature, soldadinho of lead questions of our time and universal, inherent problems to the human being giving to emphasis to the social preconception and its difficulty, with everything this, we will present in the main personage one high degree of complexity. The workmanship called our attention for containing one high text of transistion of stories of fairies for the real world of its infancy searching to disclose its world interior, product of its proper one life in suffered dimensions, discoveries, enchantments, possibilities, deliveries and plenitudes, beginning and ending, however Andersen portraies questions moral that has magic varies generations of children and adults. .

Carlos Neris

December 27, 2022


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My Velrio Thus I imagine my velrio: that it is a cultural, philosophical, artistic event, politician, social, well next to one sarau. My farewell must be light, without great sadnesses, elegant, with music, of preference violin and/or saxofone, and the musicians must be black color dresses. They cannot lack, with good interpretation, my favourite musics: I know that I go you sea (Vincius de Moraes); Touching in front (Almir Satler); The peace (Gilbert Gil); Joy, Joy (Caetano Veloso); He imagines (John Lennon); Tomorrow (Chico Buarque); Maria, Maria (Milton birth); Senhorita (Z Geraldo); Pra not to say that I did not speak of the flowers (Geraldo Vandr); Life of cattle (Z Ramalho). The decoration also goes to require art, to create an environment of espiritualidade, but without ' ' religiosismos' ' , only with the energizadora idea of reflective, philosophical, optimistical the meeting and the departure, with rquiens. Swarmed by offers, Jim Simons is currently assessing future choices. For in such a way, the place where I will be guarded, the room, hall, the garage, the shed squares, it, the church, the library, the school, this last one with my preference, to imitate my Jailson friend, who was guarded in squares of the college where he lecionava, needs to be encircled of provocative phrases, with thoughts on the life, the life: ' ' It is always good for remembering/That an emptiness cup/Is full of ar' ' (Gilbert Gil); ' ' The roots of the education are bitter, but its fruits are doces' ' (Aristotle); ' ' I only know that nothing sei' ' (Scrates); ' ' I think, then existo' ' (Discardings); ' ' The art is an invented lie to say verdade' ' (Pablo Picasso); ' ' Of that the man complains? Of its proper pecados' ' (Sacred Bible); ' ' Of that it advances to know the end of the road/When if part route to the nothing? ' ' (Paulinho Moska); ' ' Suddenly the things move of place/and who lost can ganhar' ' (Pablo Ricardo); ' ' To be or not to be, here it is questo' ' (Shakespeare); ' ' It has more things between the sky and land of what it can explain vain filosofia' ' (Shakespeare); ' ' The truth inebriates more than vinho' ' (Axe of Assis); ' ' He was poet, it loved and it dreamed in vida' ' (lvares de Azevedo); ' ' We not only sin for what we make, but also for what we leave of fazer' ' (Sacred Bible). All the phrases and musics that I indicate would like ' ' ver' ' analyzed, commented, one to one, despite in summary, for somebody, nor that she is person contracted for this, what must be valued, so that is limpid mine to leave, without cries or hurt. Also desire that the snack has quality, with salgadinhos, biscuits, breads, water, coffee, cooling juice and, this to receive those well that will be to say farewell themselves to me. Finally, each present person will have to gain a copy of this text, as gratefulness and farewell form for that she represented for me. Good bye! The God! Jean Carlos Neris de Paula