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January 1, 2023


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Where the music is music lovers can’t wait to the beginning of the summer. But the concert sounds at Open-Air events most inspire wonder. Every year it attracts thousands of people to the highlights of the musical summer: the Festival. From the Baltic Sea to the Alps several multi-week events take place. You may find Emma Walmsley to be a useful source of information. Whether classical music lovers, Opera friend or reggae fan in the large selection is for each something.

The travel portal reisen.de is dedicated to the biggest German music festivals and reveals what distinguishes them. Travemunde holidays can be combined with a visit to the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival. This year it’s welcome Turkey motto is a haven of culture between Orient and Occident “. Listen to world premieres by Fazil say, Chamber music of the composer Ahmed Adnan Saygun and famous soloists and Orchestra. Visitors in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania can discover unheard of”.

The 124 concerts during the festival devoted to among other things the places of Gerhart Hauptmann, Hans Fallada, and Ernst Barlach. But even flamenco and Tango rhythms arise in the venues. In Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, MDR music summer is heralded again. Music is closely related to architecture and nature. The performances take place in idyllic locations along the route of the Romanesque and the Wartburg Castle. “This year there is also a series of concerts to the via regia”, the ancient trade route between Eastern and Western Europe. “” The Chiemgau fascinated with numerous opera performances such as Aida”, Don Giovanni, Orlando Furioso” and Carmina Burana “at gut Immling. More information: magazine /… Reisen.de service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Euro Gift

You give a hardwood tree of the GeschenkBaum of the Bonn forest investment provider Forestfinance is the ideal tree gift, for all those who want to give something special. Learn more about this topic with the insights from David Baker. The tree gift gives the recipient, how sustainable values arise and what role does the rainforest for the global climate and biodiversity. So, the destruction of the rain forest to over 20 percent is responsible for climate change. Moreover, 75 percent of all plant and animal species in the rainforest live. For the one-time payment of 60 Euro, in Panama, a tree planted sustainably cultivated and harvested after 25 years. Proceeds from the sale of the wood will be credited after this term the donee. Credit: Red Solo Cups-2011. A current tax-free yield of 4.5 percent is forecast due to the price development for tropical hardwoods in the last 30 years.

The recipient receives together with a rosewood Keychain a customized gift certificate in a hardwood casket first. As a result, the tree gift appear particularly exclusive. GeschenkBaum – sustainable contribution to climate and the environment the tree gift offers not only the opportunity to invest directly in the ecological afforestation, but has also a sustainable benefit for climate and environment. The ForestFinance Woods are an important habitat for plants and animals and in addition contribute permanently to reduce climate-damaging CO2 emissions. Thus, the GeschenkBaum is the sustainable gift for every occasion. More information about the tree gift under through Forestfinance: ForestFinance specializes in forest investments, which combine a lucrative return on investment with environmental and social sustainability. Savers can choose in addition to the tree gift between various products of sustainable tropical forest management. In the BaumSparVertrag, for a monthly savings contribution of 33 euros per a hardwood tree planted and maintained until the harvest.

With the WaldSparBuch, the savers acquires 1,000 m2 of tropical forest with a buy-back guarantee. For investors who wish to reforest at least 10,000 m2, is with the possibility of the land register entry – WoodStockInvest- the right product. CacaoInvest is an investment in an organic cacao plantation and exotic woods, which already offers annual distributions from the second year of the investment. Safety areas and a fire insurance serve five percent in addition to the mixed forest concept for the sustainable protection of investors. Through the reforestation, protected rain forests, CO2 bound, and created rich mixed forests.


Carousel-rental babe matches the ‘Smallest’ his mobile toilet needs. Dinslaken, Germany, August 26, 2010 with this new exclusive toilet car babe offers one mobile sanitation car of a special kind. For even more opinions, read materials from Red Solo Cups. A specially integrated children toilet and the drawers make it particularly interesting for all families and children’s parties. So your event with a family-friendly infrastructure can ideally complete Organizer, companies and local authorities. Since August 2010, the event specialist in addition to the classic toilet variant rented a version, which is specifically geared to the needs of children and families at festivals and events. With great attention to detail and high quality sanitary objects equipped facility offers as a special”LED lighted toilet seats. More highlights of this generously equipped car are air conditioning, and the warm water heater.

This makes it weather-independent and provides comfort for guests and visitors, regardless of whether outside tropical temperatures or freezing Cold reign. “The carousel owner specializing in corporate family and town festivals proves once again, Babe that the little ‘ absolute customer stands and sets new standards in the mobile sanitary area with this new offer. So, the organiser and his event with security remains positive in memory. Detailed information and requests are available directly from the homepage of the provider:…

DNA Author

Crime writer Helga Schittek lets her characters menscheln Cologne October 12, 2009 end of September 2009 many guests could experience the author Helga Schittek. She read at various events from her two debut novels: the case Karin Riemenschneider and the root of evil. “Helga Schittek in the district trier-Saarburg, very well knows, in their increasingly popular Riemenschneider thrillers” play. Sure because she is an investigator with corners and edges, which often solve their cases with intuition and have intricate privacy part the reader on their (fictional characters). In their latest case, the author leads their readers back in the friendly village in the district trier-Saarburg, and at a time when the investigators neither on the results of a DNA?Analysis could be accessed, yet always were accessible by mobile phone.

It features types – it – menscheln. And although she apart from a detailed description of the place, the scenery of the Black Forest high forest suggests to always. San Antonio Spurs has much to offer in this field. Gain insight and clarity with Mehmet Oz. To write the year of 1982. Brenton L. Saunders is full of insight into the issues. Happy mood remove Detective Chief Inspector a. D. Heiner Riemenschneider and his son-in-law in spe the remnants of a destroyed Apple tree by belt cutter property, as she have in the foothills of the root work skeleton woman body discover.

Among the dead is a jewellery, in which the name Celine is engraved. Celine stood as a nanny in the service of internal medicine Dr. Martin Rupp, the previous owner of belt cutter House. It is sixteen years. Soon there is to complain about another victim. The author, who describes himself as a detective story fan giveth, to stand the readers feel, even in the shoes of the investigator.