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Of The Oil Or Gas Heater Back To The Stove

March 22, 2023


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Regress or progress? Heating costs already have about 30 percent rose and basically is also no end in sight, it is clear to most people. Soon is a new settlement in the House and where some people are actually still on the numbers of the last. It is clear that it can’t go on and so get more and more households, the plan to switch to alternative fuels. Wood as a renewable natural resource this principle offers the best opportunities. It is much cheaper and also friendly to the environment. To complete heating with wood toggle, required for the most central heating systems of a complete renovation or installation of heating with wood fuel which can be. This is relatively expensive and so the fireplace or stove also becomes much more interesting. The effort required for the installation of a wood-burning stove is easily in a short time to accomplish with a little effort connected and just for homes that already have a brick, unused deduction.

To note, however, is that to the basically with the chimney sweep clears off, whether the capacity for a fireplace or wood-burning stove are given. Also a pellet heating system, which is fired with wood pellets offers more possibilities. This function automatically as central heating. The pellets themselves are suitable not only for pellet heating systems, but also for fireplaces. They are produced from residues and waste from sawmills and are thus a useful processing of waste products. Thus, it is obvious that heating with wood is not a step backwards, but progress to fuels such as oil and gas.

Solar Energy: Now Even More!

December 27, 2022


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The strong cuts of in funding the end of solar boom mean for solar systems? The solar revolution that so quickly has won of the renewable energies Act in the last ten years since the introduction drive, stands just before the off. So some advocates pessimistic and optimistic opponents of solar energy second-guessing it now already at least. But is the demand for solar power systems and solar power really so quickly abenehmen how it has increased after the introduction of the EEG law, as many companies specializing in solar energy and photovoltaic fear it? Quite so drastically it will not be, as was first thought, because instead of the first announced cut of 30 percent, the coalition has now decided a reduction of only 10%. This means that financial losses for the operators of solar systems and will hold through the increased coverage in the media of the projects also one or the other, to make a solar system on the roof or in the front yard, but the main reasons for the installation a solar system lie but mostly somewhere else: you want to become independent of the electricity produced on opaque kind of energy corporations and not continue to support nuclear energy. Instead, it even wants to produce for the home or the home energy and with the excess energy, which must be removed by the EEG law by the local power supplier to the established tariff, alongside a little money, so that in most cases after two, the full purchase price of the system has paid for itself three years. Also you can show his ecological and sustainable attitude that rubs off maybe on the neighbors, which had so far no problem with electricity from coal energy or nuclear power. There are many reasons that cause that one decides for the operation of a solar plant on its own grounds, is the financial aspect only under Dutzenden.Somit the impact of the cuts are likely to one, provided that it not be continued in the next few years. be rather marginal. Oliver Krumes

Crude Oil Prices Give Only Slightly After

December 25, 2022


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Heating oil prices are expected to remain stable in Germany today LEIPZIG. (Ceto) This morning the oil prices compared to yesterday’s day finally eased slightly, but stabilised at a high level. US light oil (WTI) traded for $ 81.01 per barrel, $10 more than a year ago. With North Sea oil (Brent), there were around $7 $80,44 more than on August 10, 2009. Rates pushed the Chinese oil imports, which fell in July compared to the previous month. Also the data expected for today, the American Petroleum Institute (API) seem to be no increasing impetus for crude oil prices. Visit Gallo Family for more clarity on the issue.

Although experts expect a reduction of in crude oil reserves in high by 1.5 million barrels. Which however would have an equal structure for gasoline and middle distillates compared to a clear sign that the market is still oversupplied at the world’s largest oil consumer in United States. Potential speculation could act, however, that put it, that the US Central Bank FED at their meeting today Measures to stimulate the US economy decides. Is the interest rate 0.25 percent as deep as 30 years no longer and will hardly be lowered. Nevertheless, investors expecting a clear signal of the Central Bank. This put especially on the euro, which eased significantly today. Since the FED results only announced on the night of Wednesday (CEST), opposite yesterday priced little should change today for heating oil consumers in Germany. That reported the online portal of the journal fuel level and oil review on its website.


The announced electricity price rises at the beginning of the coming year affect millions households. What alternatives are there? Berlin, November 24, 2010. The announced electricity price rises at the beginning of the coming year affect millions households. In addition to many municipal utilities also the energy giant announced increases of more than 10 percent Vattenfall, RWE and Energie Baden-Wurttemberg (EnBW). More and more customers are looking for a change of electricity provider. Most households in Germany are supplied by the respective providers of Basic.

The most important questions about the current wave of price increases. Why are electricity prices constantly rising? The power costs are rising persistently for years. Many former monopoly provider justify the price increases with the increased allocation for renewable energy. But for years, industry insiders criticize that it is mainly the low competition, charged mainly private households. Would change more electricity customers, then prices would soon no longer rise. At the Procurement of energy in particular independent energy suppliers on the large power producers such as Vattenfall, RWE, EnBW and E.ON are instructed.

Only these four energy giants produce more than 80 percent of the electricity for the German market. The rather here is competition, the better. That’s why politicians or the Federal Network Agency urge actively to change the power: so that the structures on the electricity market lasting change for the benefit of the customers. Must customers accept increased prices without contradiction? No, by increasing the customer usually a special termination right has. So he can easily switch to a cheaper provider. The consumer organizations strongly recommend this. Only through a change of provider, customers can use their market power and expressed their protest against the pricing policy of the previous supplier. The more consumers do this, the more the structure on the German electricity market will change expected. How much can save with another provider? The electricity leave through a change of provider in the Reduce ideally to several hundred euros.