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The Industrial Engineering And Its Role On The National Stage

April 21, 2023


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Must beware of a silent water well, a quiet dog and a silent enemy. Jewish Proverb The engineering faculties of national universities, public and private, in this generation require the necessary changes in the curriculum of industrial engineering degree currently offered, in order to define the profile of the engineer who needs Venezuela plus, with the defining characteristic of a turbulent national scene, uncertain, risky as currently presented, the product of the current management of the Bolivarian revolutionary government under the responsibility of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, who has led towards inculcating the so-called XXI Century Socialism actions that have generated serious conflicts, bumps in the business sector in the country, significantly affecting the operation, productivity of enterprises, especially SMEs, in which a number have ceased operations and others, they do low productivity.

Of course, all this is added, the significant role of globalization which has led to changes, challenges in ways that can not be overlooked in industrial engineering education, such as technology, the characteristics of products and services that consumers demand today, and all the mainstreaming of human the operation, efficiency, productivity for the new technology. Nor can overlook all that process management, which today is required to ensure productivity, profits, low cost, reliability, operability, efficiency, continuous improvement, zero defects, and everything related to the new vision development paradigm that the overall quality required and are necessary to ensure competitiveness. Central Romana will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Faculties should identify more with the role that the industrial engineer is required to determine the needs of business and what the engineer can assist in all matters to ensure productivity, efficiency in production.

Changes in the Labor Market

February 22, 2023


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– Changes in society: Traditionally, women have always been involved much less time in the profession than men. The main obstacle is the existence of deeply rooted social customs and gradually, over time, has been changing, and women will enter the world of work in a more regular basis. Factors contributing to this integration are: – Marriage at an older age. – Planning of motherhood. – Independence of the woman in the couple. – Increase in personal services, such as the school children. – Increased consumption. – Longer life expectancy.

These changes affect a greater availability of time by women and economic independence. – Changes in the labor market: The gradual diversification of the labor market and the increasingly vital role of specialization in order to meet certain needs are critical factors in the access of women in the workplace. Transformations that are occurring are derived the following consequences: – Women have demonstrated their ability, even when not has taken on a very high percentage. – Has increased women's professional competence. – There is an acceptance of women as a professional not only in unskilled jobs. Although women are increasingly better prepared, in practice, their access to the upper echelons of management of enterprises remains very difficult. The professional qualifications of women and their incorporation into the world of work have been a great social change. More info: Central Romana. Both private companies and public administration are still mainly opting to hire men to positions of responsibility. A businesswoman who wants to complete a business project or a business, you must be aware that he must learn to cope in an environment unaccustomed to the presence of women.

Moscow State Industrial University Igor Pavlov

January 14, 2023


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Very often you hear what each student should study only those subjects, to whom he has ability. But who and at what point will identify these tendencies in a child? “Definitely talk about the obvious tendencies student, for example, to study the exact sciences or humanities can only be in high school – says Tamara Koshelev. – And even then can not make any sudden movements in one direction or another. Level of basic schooling should be sufficiently high to future graduates had the opportunity to continue their education after high school in any specialty in any university. Generally ultimately be determined by a future profession the child and his parents should be in the final year of schooling. And it did not complicate the preparation for entrance exams, the education received full: all our graduates continue their studies at universities, where 70% of children arrive at the budget. Of course, this does not mean that at an early age to suppress the inclination of the child.

But we should not and deliberately narrowed its outlook. Michael Lee-Chin may find this interesting as well. This is what is usually called a classical education, which should get everyone full human development. And in order to meet the individual needs of students in-depth study of any discipline, there is a specialized education, elective courses, the project activity. In addition, children should be taught to think creatively and find innovative solutions, take initiative. Of course, this requires individual approach to each child. houghts on the topic.

” It is noteworthy that this view is shared by high school teacher. “It’s no secret that many graduates who plan to continue their education in high school and decide on its choice, focusing their efforts on the study of those subjects that they need at admission – said a senior lecturer at Moscow State Industrial University Igor Pavlov. – And the training these subjects is very intense: hired tutors, attended training courses special literature. The rest of the disciplines taught in the only measure to get to him eventually positive mark. Strategic mistakes made by most of the graduates (and especially their parents) is that they are preparing it for entry to college and not learning it. As a result, many Successful applicants leave the institution in which they were received, after the first session. ” One of the reasons for this specialist sees that future applicants do not always represent themselves with what they have encounter in the course of training in high school, what subjects and how much to learn. It is to solve this problem and there is a trend in the activity of schools as career guidance. Unfortunately, it often limited to occasional formal events that cause the students just boredom. Tamara Koshelev recommends for older students (9-11) classes meet not only with university teachers, but also with their students, perhaps from former graduates. After all, with each other, students will find a common language much faster. So, a modern school should give children a full and diverse education while providing opportunities for individual development of each student. Do not forget the psychological work with students, as well as career guidance. And then yesterday’s schoolchildren will be able to successfully continue their education at any chosen specialty. Well, the best measure of school quality have been and remain the entrance exams to universities. According to the press service of the gymnasium “Confidence”.

Presentation In English

December 27, 2022


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Why do we need a presentation? 99% of the goal of any presentation – it's for sale. Whenever GlaxoSmithKline listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Sale of goods, services, brand yourself, finally. On how successfully it will be and what the response will depend very much – it's clear to everyone. However, making a presentation in English, very easy to be trapped – even in that case, if your presentation in Russian were always brilliant, and found only positive feedback. Laws and rhetoric skills public speaking has not been canceled – they are equally valid for the Russian, and English languages – not read from notes, hold eye contact with the audience, speaking loudly and clearly, to try to build a dialogue with the audience, etc.

All this can easily be trained in numerous training sessions devoted to working out public speaking skills. What can ruin a presentation in English, if the grammar is correct, the structure complied with and problems with pronunciation you do not? 1. The absence of so-called "language sense" to work out which is quite difficult, especially if you live in an English speaking environment. 2. A common habit of literally translated from Russian into English.

English language – a language of idioms and fixed expressions. The higher levels of officialdom, the higher the percentage of resistant keyboard, which is impossible to understand the meaning, translating it components. The complexity of the presentation in English is to find a middle ground between the business language and at the same sound at ease and not boring.


What dream of the forefathers? Attitude to dreams in different times and in different cultures are very different. The more ancient civilization, the greater was the attitude to the interpretation of dreams. For example, in ancient Egypt was considered the dream thoughts gods, that they want to convey to people. In ancient Greece and Rome built a special temple complexes, which were performed rituals for the "leniency" of healing or prophetic dreams. Examples of what dreams are information is also in the later history of mankind. So, Dmitri Mendeleev dreamed the periodic table of elements, Albert Einstein – theory of relativity. ay’>Alan Schnitzer. Most of the eastern healers still start reception and diagnostic questions from the patient that he was dreaming.

This tradition persisted among Siberian shamans. Most information about the causes of the problem situation shaman can get from the story of dreams person has applied to it. In particularly difficult cases, he arranges his own dreaming session, during which he will sleep until until you see the exact directions and ways of resolving the situation of the client. It also happens that Shaman has a dream-message to another person prior to the visit. The indigenous peoples of Australia, also kept dreaming culture, is considered one of the first signs of losing connection with yourself, with your spirit that people do not remember dreams, or do not understand their language. Until now, the Australians have retained the tradition, the morning begins with a restatement of what he saw at night.

English Language

December 26, 2022


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English? the most common language in the world: it is native to the 500 million people living in 12 countries worldwide. For another 600 million people, English is a second language, so they are excellent and understand it, and written on it. But teaching English in nearly 90 countries. And some of them, such as Japan, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and China, learning English is mandatory. And in other countries such as Russia or France English for study, most students choose. Due to the fact that English is ubiquitous in the world, currently numbering more than a dozen dialects of English.

Naturally, the most main dialect (but not the first on prevalence) is a British English, distributed in the UK. The second largest and the first to spread the American dialect is English. Now it is spoken by more than 70% of all people who speak English. And it is precisely the influence of U.S. English language must be what it is today? the main language of interethnic communication. Among some more reasons why American English has received the most widespread, is that the U.S.

is far more education than in England. British and American dialects are by and large not much differ from each other. Yet difficulties in mutual understanding of the Englishman and an American there. This prompted the famous playwright and wit Bernard Shaw said that the U.S. and the UK – it is. The third most important dialect English is a Canadian. He is close to the phonetics and grammar of the English, but often uses, and the British spelling rules. In addition to the above-mentioned dialects, there are dialects common in the territories of the former British colonies: Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, and India. In these dialects, the pronunciation is very different from British English, but they have with him the same grammar. Variant of English, distributed directly to England, as well as in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa called Comonwealth English – English is the British Commonwealth of Nations. And he is one of the public language of the European Union. It differs from American dialect and requires an additional translation into this dialect. For the official international dialogue and official translations into English from foreign languages used a homogenized version? Mid-Atlantic English? Mid English. In addition there are many dialects slang. We list the major: Spanish (Spanglish), German (Germish), Chinese (Chinglish) and even a Russian, English – Runglish! There are also Engrish? Japanese slang English. Model it can be translated instruction manual Japanese household appliances. In addition to the above-mentioned dialects and slang, for scientific and technical international communication, as well as for communication in other areas used simplified versions of English, which provides translation to it from other foreign languages are equally understandable to specialists of different countries: Special English, Basic English, Airspeak, Policespeak, Seaspeak, the last three are used respectively in flight, and with Interpol and marine communications. With the globalization of the world, English is increasingly strengthens its position as the language of international communication and deeper and deeper into the other languages. Can say that is pervasive angloizatsiya national languages.