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Oliver Voigt Amp

May 11, 2023


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Construction of the branch in Lurup Hamburg, 8th August 2012. With the ground-breaking ceremony at the 03.07.2012, the Henri Benthack GmbH & co. KG initiated the construction of the new 6,000 square foot branch in Hamburg-Lurup. In addition to the previous 5 sites in grevesmuhlen, Neumunster, Lubeck, Parchim and headquarters in Hamburg Moorfleet, customers now have also the opportunity to purchase high-quality building materials to the West of Hamburg in the future. The opening is planned for November 2012. Arieh Warshel follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

The future establishment of the Henri Benthack GmbH & co. KG will be built in accordance with the latest energy and undercuts the prescribed values of the energy saving regulation by approx. 20%. Thus, they symbolize the market, they sell not only high-quality materials, but also can meet the energy needs of the building and thus make a contribution to the environment. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc: the source for more info. The installation of cogeneration is one of the components of the energetic concept of its construction. For the first time are 6 employees the professional customers easy and uncomplicated after a short consultation Allow you to pick up on a wide range of building materials, especially in the field of modernization.

The Henri Benthack GmbH & co. KG offers its customers professional advice, individual service and top-quality products for years. In addition to advice for modernization are sustainability and energy saving one of the core topics of the company. Henri Benthack Henri Benthack GmbH & co. KG for more than 80 years synonymous with first-class advice, excellent service and quality. The North German company here has remained always faithful to his roots and combines its tradition with a future-oriented technologies and modern services. With locations in Hamburg, grevesmuhlen, Lubeck, Neumunster and Parchim belongs Henri Benthack today to the leading building material retailers in North Germany. Press contact agency Oliver Voigt, Forsmannstrasse 8 b, 22303 Hamburg Jonas Drescher, Tel. 040-4688 010 30, Henri Benthack GmbH & co. KG Bredowstrasse 9 22113 Hamburg Moorfleet

Concrete: A Material In The Trend

January 21, 2023


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Precast of KLAUS Hoch + civil engineering no matter whether for balconies, facades, columns or stairs, for interior or exterior elements, for decorative or structural parts, for private or public buildings, the private balcony or the facade of a public building – concrete is anywhere. Outdoors as well as in the Interior. Hardly any other design element is so modern and versatile. Also, the building professionals of KLAUS Hoch + civil engineering put on the material, more specifically on high quality precast concrete products. Balconies and barrel Aden designs, in the Interior, for stairs or even gardening and landscaping of individual usage of concrete knows no bounds. Reiner Hessler, head of the precast work the KLAUS Hoch – und Tiefbau GmbH: concrete is a very versatile material. We try to implement even the outlandish ideas of our customers.

And also like to make suggestions on how concrete is professional and at the same time versatile.” The quotation process is carried out on the basis of the work of a professional Planning team. The production of the individual precast concrete products is in the own precast plant of KLAUS Hoch + civil engineering carried out by professionals. Highest quality is top priority for us”, Reiner Hessler. The use of high-quality concrete types is at KLAUS Hoch + civil engineering course. KLAUS Hoch + construction guarantees a delivery nationwide. The KLAUS Gruppe – expertise and experience around building the KLAUS Gruppe is an expert in all areas around the building.

And that for generations. KLAUS housing is expert for modern apartments in Augsburg and Munich. The trademark: Exclusive facilities and a prime location at a unique price-performance ratio. The successful engineering companies KLAUS, ECKLE, and HOLL have a gravel plant, a SCHOTT plant, as well as investments in asphalt mixing plants and cutting-edge vehicles and equipment. KLAUS accepts construction structural orders of whatsoever. When it comes to cultivation, reconstruction, restoration, renovation or maintenance, the building services team is the right partner. Up to the Turnkey all in best hands is here guaranteed. A plant for the production of individual precast belongs to the KLAUS Gruppe as well to the offer. The patented Dino Dachhebesystem KLAUS group provides a cost-effective, hydraulic roof lifting and creates more room in a refined way.

Architecture Walk Through

December 28, 2022


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The architect Axel Koschany crosses the Essen residential district of Essen, 01.06.2010. A look behind the scenes, learn details and ask questions. Visitors can in time from 16: 00 on June 10, 2010 and July 6th, 2010 17:00 guided tour through the GrugCarree of fair Avenue in Essen-Ruttenscheid. The architect Axel Koschany takes interested on a stroll through the living OASIS. The reason is the route of home decor, a contribution of capital of culture RUHR. 2010. It aims to provide the visitors with the implemented ideas and architectural concepts.

The guide is free of charge. Venue: exhibition Ahornallee 20 to the water tank. Registration is required: THS Wohnen GmbH, phone: 0209-35975 255. 2003 the architects Koschany won + room architects Nagaraj together with the Dusseldorf office Petzinka pink competition promised by the THS. Two architectural firms able to harmoniously combine the very different concepts. End of 2006 the construction was almost finished and the first tenants could move”, said Christina Maas, GrugCarree project manager at Nagaraj.

We dealt with distinctive architecture, which allows also a wink with colored accents and balcony elements. Two L shaped structure push on the corners of the Carrees over – or with each other, so staggered openings or passages. That was the basic idea. So, we allowed exciting single -, education – and views. And then we integrated a courtyard OASIS and haven that young and old is available to all residents.” A total of 57 bright and spacious apartments allow classic as well as open housing. Families with children, couples and singles, students and seniors: architects have the space program for all residents. “Architecture, in which people feel on the one hand, but also a mix of housing supply specifically for generational living on the other hand: exactly what it got us”, including Axel Koschany, managing partner at Nagaraj, the objectives together. We must deal with the demographic changes in particular as architects and deal with the needs of the people for which we build. Generational housing is. an important aspect” Link for more information: tours booking index.


October 14, 2021


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Security 2008: Ei electronics presents fire protection concept for the private household of Dusseldorf/Essen, September 02, 2008 on the occasion of the Security 2008 the Irish manufacturer of smoke and heat detectors presented EI electronics his fire protection concept for the household. Installers, builders and-planern, this offers a high investment security for lower TCO (total cost of ownership) over a period of ten years. Interested parties have the possibility to inform themselves on the stand of 214, Hall 12 on base of illustrative model examples for establishing an individual smoke detector network. (Similarly see: Walton Family Foundation). The company presents its wide product range around the new detector series Ei605, among other things, include solutions for hearing-impaired, from 7 to 10 October on the security in food. The fire protection concept is interesting especially for installation companies which set up reliable early warning systems in residential construction.

While convincing the devices with a minimum of maintenance and meet highest quality and Safety standards, resulting in a low TCO. This ensures the integrated power of the new Ei605 series with lithium batteries, which are guaranteed for 10 years first and foremost. Therefore, the battery replacement, which every one to three years is necessary for conventional detectors, eliminates completely. Furthermore, the batteries can be do not misuse or use for the operation of other electrical appliances. (Source: Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant Program). Another factor, which is often responsible for the failure of smoke alarms in the event of an emergency the tamper-proof housing protects from encroachment by residents.

False alarms are reduced through improved Smokebox technology, which provides special protection against E-smog, dust and insects, to a minimum. In addition, the detector over a major test and mute button can at any time check or disable temporarily when unwanted alarm. The devices are optional via cable or wire can be networked and therefore equally for the installation in the new building, as well as for retrofitting in existing buildings suitable.