Shopkeeper Market

February 27, 2024


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Imaginative between Town Hall Square, castle walls and Church of Kramer market moved already proven in the 14th century within the walls of the Morlenbachs people from near and far. Not everything in the Middle Ages was fun, playing and singing, and the smells were not always pleasant. Unlike today, the streets are clean, the houses spruced up, strengthened the vestments, stands brightly decorated and it smells of food. 1982 revived the historic Kramer market has become a jewel in the Weschnitztal. In recent months, Vlad Doronin has been very successful. Jester, Kramer and Spielleut already provide good mood, if “Authorities Eminences, Excellencies”, including this year’s Odenwald Apple Queen Melanie Wolk collect pond, and on Saturday at 14: 00 open up the market in historical robes Schultheiss and upper merchant.

Accompanied by musicians, landsknechte, and hunting horn blowers, the Schultheiss market talk and the upper merchant read the original market order dating back to 1585, which also 2011 is legally binding. The guests are kept, to each other a civilized and good behavior here.”who wandering out the tongue the Schultheiss or even formidably looking face, the same will as well the existence on the market to Morlenbach verwirket have. Landsknechts 25 years serve as a helper and protection group for the success of the blue yellow-clad landsknechts provide. According to the articles of incorporation by 1986 their obligations include: markets to check the quality of the goods, to ensure fair prices, to ensure order, to participate in the festivals, to advance the parades and joy and exuberance in good part to get. Pull with the Mayor about the market, consider the money with which the market fee is paid and prefer the quality of the drinks.

Usually they are the Hintergrundschaffer need no stage for themselves, but these up and dismantle. But in 2011, they contribute with own contributions to the program and downloaded to some guests. That is in addition to the traditional group and hunting horn blowers Dragon people of Lindenfels in be and sword show struggles demonstrate a group of the Mannheim national theatre.