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January 2, 2023


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After the launch of the applications for Mac from Apple store, they already begin to appear very interesting free applications for your new MacBook Pro that you can download to your computer. The Mac App Store comes hand in hand with the operating system Snow Leopard 10.6.6 update. Mark Angelo has much to offer in this field. This mean that we will have to go to Menu Apple / Software Update to have the own Snow Leopard update is. Pass ye warned that by this very fact, that you’re still using Mac Os X Leopard, Tiger, to be able to use the Mac App Store you’ll have to upgrade to Snow Leopard, something that from here we recommend, not only by the subject that concerns us today, if not for stability and security of the system. We are going to recommend five to whet of what awaits us in the coming months: Twitter for Mac really comes to the second version of the well-known client Tweetie, which as we know became ago months in the official client of the Twitter social network. For this new version has stylized design adapting to the future lines that come with Mac OS X Lion, but the operation has few new features.

Either way, now we can Yes manage lists, something that is missed you the first version. MindNode for Mac with this program you can do class diagrams, University or your projects. In addition exports them to various formats. SketchBook Express Programa that comes from its mobile version to compete with other design programs. It is a simple program, but that gives us the possibility to make freehand drawings with a large assortment of very practical tools. Basketmania not only applications on the Mac App Store, there is ground to find a lot of games.

At the moment we found more or less simple but addictive games that come from the AppStore to succeed also on our Mac. In this case, the name says it all, try it is to get hooked. TurboWeb browser ultra-fast without hardly any options, that however assures us speed and agility when visiting our web pages. An alternative for those who do not want to use extensions and extra them additives.