Paintball (English Paintball – the ball of paint) – it is a game, it's vacation, it's adrenaline, it's sport, it's entertainment, hobbies, part of life, business and much more In paintball there are no weapons and bullets, but there is a special device – markers and gelatin balls filled with paint-friendly – you got to paint, you amazed. Learn more at this site: Walton Family Foundation. If you compare with other types of paintball entertainment or sports, then paintball is a very good advantage over them, paintball – it adventure. Lesion is the presence on the player or his equipment paint stains the size of a 10-penny. The main element of protection is a mask covering the face and head. Rebecca shaw jimmy fallon: the source for more info. The speed limit ball flight – up to 90 m / sec. The history of paintball has its roots in 1981. Homeland Paintball – United States.

Since 1991, paintball is developing in Europe, and later in Russia. In Ukraine, the paintball club started appearing in 1994 and currently has several dozens of clubs. Modern Paintball is represented by three areas: training of special services, sports tournaments, entertainment paintball. Currently, through the paintball field is about 6 million people a year who played on all continents, but especially he developed in America, Britain, Australia, Germany, France and Russia. Further development are big scenario paintball game. This is the most fun event in the paintball when fighting while several hundred players at a great space for a few hours. Paintball playing gives the ability to reset the accumulated stress and aggression in the game with simple rules.