Magic and Showtime in 1979, using the first draft pick from the Utah Jazz, the Lakers selected a base of 2.06 meters called Earvin “Magic” Johnson of Michigan State University. Johnson’s arrival marked the beginning of a decade that would bring to five championships Abdul-Jabbar more. With a spectacular counterattack that became known as “Showtime” (show time), the Lakers have won nine division titles in the last 10 years in the career of Abdul-Jabbar. In Johnson’s first season with the Lakers won 60 games and lost only 4 of the 16 meetings of the playoffs en route to the title of NBA champions in 1980. In a moment that would join the two superstars forever, Johnson played at center due to the injured Abdul-Jabbar in Game Six of the NBA Finals against the Philadelphia 76ers. Abdul-Jabbar had sprained his ankle badly in the fifth game after scoring 40 points and help the Lakers take the lead in the series.The 33-year power forward could not play in game six, so that the rookie took over 20 years of Jabbar and completed a fabulous match with 42 points, 15 rebounds and 7 assists, leading the Lakers to victory 123-107 and the championship. On the season, Abdul-Jabbar (24.8 points, 10.8 rebounds) further cemented his place in history by getting his sixth MVP award. Abdul-Jabbar continued to average at least 20 points over the next six seasons . His rebounding average dropped to between 6 and 8 when the years of fighting for rebounding position began to take its toll. Notwithstanding this remained in a remarkable way, even late thirties, and able to play 32-35 minutes a game at an age when most players are retired. “It’s the most fantastic sport athlete,” said Magic Johnson the writer Gary Smith. In the final years of his career working program Abdul-Jabbar was the more important.He practiced yoga and martial arts to keep their arms and legs strong and agile, and mated before every game to reduce stress.

As a curious point that his martial arts teacher was none other than Bruce Lee and participated with Lee in the film “Game of Death” ( “Death Game”) in what would be his most important role in the film. On 5 April 1984 in a game against the Utah Jazz played in Las Vegas, Abdul-Jabbar had perhaps his finest hour. Collecting a pass from Magic Johnson, Abdul-Jabbar turned and launched his “sky-hook” to the hoop. The shot found the net, giving Abdul-Jabbar 31,420 point number in his career, allowing him to surpass Wilt Chamberlain as the leading scorer of all time in the NBA. The Lakers reached the NBA Finals eight times in ten seasons between 1979-80 and 1988-89. They won five titles, beating Boston and Philadelphia twice each and once a Detroit Pistons.The 1985 series against Boston was perhaps the most satisfying for Abdul-Jabbar. At the age of 38 years, many observers thought that the oldest center in the league was finished. In the first game it seemed that this was so because only Abdul-Jabbar had 12 points and 3 rebounds in his confrontation with Robert Parish. The Celtics destroyed the Lakers winning by 148-114 in what became known as “The Slaughter of Memorial Day.” During the next two days Abdul-Jabbar spent hours watching the tape of the game and taking part in marathon training sessions that included one hour sprint series. The repeated attempts by coach Pat Riley to Abdul-Jabbar persuade me to take a rest were in vain. In the second game, Abdul-Jabbar scored 30 points, 17 rebounds, 8 assists and 3 blocked shots in 109-102 victory by the Lakers. Los Angeles won that series in six games. In the four wins for the Lakers Abdul-Jabbar averaged 30.2 points, 11.3 rebounds, 6.5 assists and 2 blocks.In one memorable sequence Abdul-Jabbar grabbeda rebound, the ball bounced over the whole field and scored a sky-hook “. He even threw a sheet for a loose ball. “What you saw,” Riley said to Sports Illustrated, “was passionate about.” Abdul-Jabbar was named Finals MVP. Jabbar has said the 1985 championship is probably the sweetest of the six he won. He won on the runway at Boston Garden and ended with all the ghosts of Celtics camp, the team that just beat the Lakers last year and many times during the reign of Russell.