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December 30, 2020


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Daring dashing, heroic strength, beauty maiden, but sbiten sweet – fun merry! Entertainment for the real men and active women! Venue Fairgrounds ‘Hero’ (full version) Other open space (abbreviated option) Premise (Abridged version) Duration -2-2,5 hours Group – 30-80 pax Actors and personnel – Lead – 2 people. (Buffoon and governor) – Animators (warriors in armor) – 4 people – dance troupe – four girls Entertaining program – the leading costume – a partial vestment in historical costume parties – traditional Russian entertainment, games and tests – a medieval obstacle course – music and dancing in the Old Russian style, dance workshops, games, dances, rituals – workshops possession of medieval weapons, and archery – the final match, in which the strongest can be detected – an incredible fire military rite of passage – getting Certificate of Completion training medieval swordsmanship, medieval martial arts to others and memorabilia banquet at the Centre ‘Knight’: buffet, sbiten (or mulled wine), tea anturazhnoe Away: sbiten (or mulled wine), tea anturazhnoe To the young man in Russia called vigilantes, but still reigned, he was not one to pass the ordeal, to learn inverse arts, yes, to prove his courage, ingenuity and strength. Honor and respect was the greatest of retainers, they held the power of the prince, and, consequently, the power of the state. We propose to test yourself, take a short course and try to win this honorary title. The territory of the Centre “Vityaz” (or other place of celebration with decorations), converted to the ancient Russian town, and the participants of the event – in its inhabitants. Guests are greeted traditional Russian hospitality pies, brought down a hot, fun songs.

While the guests help themselves, their entertaining buffoon – offers to demonstrate their ability and Silushka – to forge his coin. (Who is as it should Old Russian money look like what was depicted on them?) With Chekanov everyone do yourself a coin. Appears peddler, who can purchase these coins any piece costume (hat, bright sash, cape, coat, etc.) With the governor all the fuss dies down, it sounds story (parable) of the Russian soldiers, of feats of arms, the strength of the heroic … and start the main event – guests will learn a lot: – handle sword and his own dignity – archery, spear throwing and hatchet – to pull the rope, but not only military victories were famous Russian people, there is a place and fun games, fun, dance, dances, evening. As a result of all this – only preparation for major competitions. In the end, everyone has to show for it much, I have learned – to pass the medieval obstacle course. And if it fails, then the principal and an unforgettable experience for everyone will be present military rite of passage! The rite consists of the representation rights to all four elements: earth, water, wind and fire. The ritual with elements of fire and show the effect of full participation will not leave anyone indifferent. After completing initiation ceremony, participants moved to the banquet table, where they are presented certificates of his young vigilantes, and the course themed souvenirs.