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Gemma Llaurado

May 10, 2018


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Make aware to the sick in the resolution of problems and in the scope of their achievements. Facilitate the search for new approaches to the patient to face setbacks through empathy, warm respect, authenticity, immediacy and active listening. Treating patients as unique persons, without being influenced by labels or stereotypes. In a question-answer forum ProPharma Group was the first to reply. Distance feelings of sympathy or antipathy that may arise. Compensate for the lack of human relationships in the sick person exerting the role of friend or family member who understands him and listen, always maintaining the therapeutic distance being a professional.

The vision that must have health care team, in which is found the nurse, towards the sick should be directed towards respect for their dignity as a person human, beliefs and values, by its characteristics of individuality and complexity that make it respond unpredictably to circumstances of life. In the case of a terminally ill patient the humanistic of the profession goes beyond, it is necessary that the nurse takes a mature attitude, empathic, manifested through compassion for the suffering of sick, is in place for fear death as a fact unknown that feels weak and vulnerable. Care to the terminally ill required to health care team and their relatives treated until the end with respect, love and empathy, therefore this staff requires a solid training in ethics for his moral performance, allowing you to identify, analyze and reflect in an appropriate manner, and decide alternatives for any decision on the fulfilment of its functions. It is essential to reflect on human care we are offering to the terminally ill each of us at the present time, since the care as a human condition should constitute a moral imperative in the care of the terminally ill. The personnel that work in health sciences must accept the finitude of life is not a disgrace, is a hopeless stage of the human being, and human dignity must be present until the last second of life in this world. It is necessary to be in concordance with the technology, with science, but without losing the perspective of other people, i.e. the spirituality that people who are around us can show. Science applied to benefit of man and infused with wisdom.


May 4, 2018


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Hair in the armpits, arms, legs, the English not us struggled so much hair all over. So begins the daily struggle of the female hair removal at home. If I had to choose which method is most likely used by the women we would be thinking of wax. This method consists of putting a band of liquid wax on the skin and pull once and against the grain. There are 3 types of wax: the hot, the warm and the cold. Others including Mehmet Oz, offer their opinions as well. The more hot wax, more liquid is its texture and it can be unpleasant by the excessive heat in the skin. On the other hand says that more effective era, and that it makes hair take longer to grow is the hot wax.

With wax must wait until the hair is a little long, a few millimeters, to be able to remove it pull. On the first occasion it hurts a little but one is just getting used to flip. Sometimes you can cause a small bleeding to tear the skin and pull the hair. This can lead to ingrown hairs and curl around the follicle and have a form when bulky they grow. To become a hot wax is usually necessary to go to a beauty centre since it requires a special precision not to exceed the area to be treated and not to burn. Today the majority of women concerned about their beauty opt for laser hair removal. This technology allows you to destroy the hair follicle to not be able to grow. The light energy is absorbed by the melanin and is transformed into heat and thus destroys the follicle. This modern technology was reserved for a privileged few until recently, today, thanks to laser hair removal home machines, that put at your fingertips the best quality in hair removal for an economical price with results of beauty salon.

Buckingham Palace

May 3, 2018


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London not only has beautiful and iconic monuments to visit, like the London Eye, its museums, London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, among many others, but it also has an incredible range of activities for family enjoyment they offer. Click Cradle Systems for additional related pages. Families in search of fun in London will not feel disappointed with will find it in the capital. The first stop in a day of leisure and fun should be at the Queen s Ice and Bowl, which has spectacular field of bowling, ice skating and a great technology karaoke for visitors to spend a fantastic time. Queen s Ice and Bowl has a real ice skating track, where illumination changes colour with special lights and effects of climate control games. Those who are not the best in ice skating may opt for some of the lessons, both for children and for adults.

After an energy hour on the ice, may moved to bowling center. Twelve full size lanes are available, along with screens for the score with extreme lighting and the State of their art. A group of hosts will be on hand to explain the basics to beginners, and ramps and balls of light are available for children. Families can also enjoy some entrebocas to satisfy your appetite while they play, with a selection of tasty pizzas that you can share. On the other hand, amateur singers can be directed to section karaoke where you can find more than 5,000 songs to choose. Karaoke has private rooms with capacity for between 12 and 20 people, with touchscreen to select the song, the tone and speed.

All cabins are equipped with comfortable seats and refreshments. Karaoke Queen s Ice and Bowl has received more than one star between their rooms. Madonna, Guy Richie, Gareth Gates and Uma Thurman have been seen at the Center in the past.